Sun Yang faces a long ban on the "Hammer Affair"

The "Hammer affair" surrounding Chinese swimming star Sun Yang will be heard on Friday before the International Court of Justice CAS. The controversial Olympic champion threatens a drastic punishment.When the swimming Olympic champion Sun Yang on Friday before the International Court of Justice CAS occurs, it is about nothing less than the career of the controversial Chinese superstar.

The three-time Olympic champion must answer questions and answer to the mysterious events in the night of 5 September 2018, at the end of a destroyed doping test and a shredded Kontrollformular.Sollte he can not convince the tribunal, threatens the 27-year-old as a repeat offenders a doping from up to eight years. However, a verdict is not expected on Friday. While the outcome of the unannounced check is clear, the parties argue bitterly about the background. In a 59-page report, the doping panel of the World Swimming Federation FINA put his point of view dar.So was the doping control at Sun Yang abThernach it comes after the arrival of the three-member inspection team at the estate Suns quickly to dispute. The Sun camp doubts the identity documents of an assistant, the athlete finally gives a blood, but not a urine sample. Allegedly, Sun also went unattended to the toilet, this would be a clear rule violation. After further threats and allegations escalated the situation. As she talks on the phone for further instructions, she hears the sound of splintering glass. As she rushes to the action, she sees a container apparently destroyed by a security guard. Sun has lit the flashlight function of his cell phone. Sun defended himself last Social networks that the public was "misinformed" that the facts were "distorted". The Chinese swimming federation spoke of "fake news". However, if it had gone after the FINA, the negotiation would not even have existed. The association, which has been criticized for its lax anti-doping policy, had acquitted Sun at a January hearing with the curious rationale that they would "never know" the truth. The World Anti-Doping Agency WADA commented on the words "unbelievable and unacceptable", lodged an objection. Now you see yourself on Friday in court. Sun Yang already on record Pikant is also that Sun is by no means a blank slate. In 2014 he was closed after a positive test in a highly controversial verdict by the FINA only for three months. For the competitors, the Chinese, the first swimmer in World Championships and Olympic Games, all disciplines won 200-1500 m freestyle, anyway At the last World Cup competitors denied at the award ceremony Sun the handshake and the common winning photo, Sun roared then one of the protesters. As it will be on Friday to Sun's mood will be ordered, the public can exceptionally make themselves a picture. For the second time in CAS history, observers are admitted. To cope with the interest, the court even had to move to a hotel in Montreux. In addition, the negotiation should be completely or partially transmitted on the Internet.

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