Superheroes: DC wants to become more brutal after Joker

 When the DC movie Joker received an R rating in the US, it quickly became clear that it would be a very dark movie. Now the way is to be free for more brutal films that are to follow in the footsteps of Joker. The success of the blockbuster could change the style of movies like Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad. Here you will learn how DC wants to make his films even more violent in the future. The massive success of Joker speaks for itself: As the most successful film with an R rating, the film went down in cinematic history. Even before the box office hit the billions mark, it was clear how well the film reached the viewers. Now DC wants to take a new path after the film. As Variety reports, soon the door will open for more superhero films with plenty of violence.
Even the next blockbuster Birds Of Prey with Margot Robbie does not want to shy away from violence. According to the Variety report, the film should also be published with an R rating. Although Birds Of Prey should generally stand out in the sound of Joker and come along much more humorous. Nevertheless, the film is far from suitable for younger audiences.
Also, director James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) gets much more freedom in his attempt to film The Suicide Squad. Of course, the hard R rating makes a lot of sense here. After all, merciless comic villains are the focus of the plot. Not without reason was already the first part in Germany from 16 years released. Variety also cites an analyst who sums up the trend of the new brutal superhero films: "There's a huge apetite for R-rated superhero films, and if Marvel does not go that step, DC will have access to it Audience."
Of course, the studio will not rely exclusively on bloody blockbusters in the future. For example, films like Wonder Woman appeal to a very different audience than Joker. Whether it's Aquaman darting around or Harley Quinn smashing skulls with thugs, directors of DC now seem to have more freedom in their projects. Do you want more movies in the style of Joker?

Source: Variety

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