Superman: Will he really be the new Man Of Steel?

 Warner wants to produce many more independent DC films after Joker. One of them should revolve around the cult hero Superman again. Meanwhile, one has already found a desire actor for the role. But there could be some problems. Again and again there were rumors that Warner wants to have a very special actor for Superman. These are the Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan. At that time it was said that the actor canceled, because other projects interested him more. These included the thriller film adaptation Without Remorse, which is currently being shot, among others, in Germany. But now it looks like that, so Jordan could really become the new Superman.
This is reported by the usually very well informed industry insiders Variety. Accordingly, there have already been discussions between Warner and Jordan. The star could imagine a personal version for the character. But there seems to be a big problem. Michael B. Jordan currently has no time at all for a Superman blockbuster. Variety assumes that the new film could be seen in the cinema in 2023 at the earliest.
Star filmmaker J.J. Abrams could take over the project. Until Jordan is available, Warner Abrams could entrust another comic book adaptation as long. After all, a Green Lantern Corps movie has been planned for years, as Variety reports. Comic writer Geoff Johns is currently writing a screenplay for this, which he plans to release by the end of 2019. The insiders think it's possible that this script will be presented to Abrams. Then he can decide whether he wants to work as a director or producer on the project.
The days of Henry Cavill as Superman seem to be numbered anyway. The responsible studio finally looks around for some time in other directions. The next DC movie will be Birds Of Prey with Margot, which will be released on February 6, 2020.

Sources: Variety

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