Syria: More Than 20 Dead in Israeli Attacks

Wednesday, 20.11.2019

Israel has again attacked troops in neighboring Syria, allied with its archenemy Iran. During the night attacks on Wednesday, at least 24 people were killed. Israel wants to push back Iran's military influence in the civil war country.


The Syrian Observatory reported on Wednesday that five Syrian Army soldiers and 16 fighters of pro-government militia had been killed. They were members of the Iranian Al-Kuds unit and Iran-loyal groups. Among other things, Israeli rockets have destroyed an armory of the Al-Kuds unit.

Circles of Syrian health care facilities said that three civilians had been killed in the area southwest of the capital Damascus. Syrian army circles reported that six military personnel were killed.

Israel's air force claims to attack dozens of targets from the Al-Kuds unit and the Syrian army, including ground-to-air missiles, headquarters, weapons depots and military bases. This was a response to Iranian rocket fire from Syria, the army said. Israel wants to prevent the attacks from Iran further expanding its military influence in the crisis country.

The Army continued in its statement: "Yesterday's Iranian attack on Israel is further clear evidence of the purpose of Iran's anchorage in Syria, which threatens Israel's security, regional stability and the Syrian regime."

  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also confirmed on Facebook the attack in Syria: "I made it clear who we met, we meet," he wrote. "We will continue to receive the security of Israel with determination."

  The Al-Kuds unit belongs to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, an elite unit of the Iranian armed forces. Tehran is an important ally of the government in the Syrian civil war. Iran supports numerous militias in Syria, some of whose fighters come from abroad, for example from neighboring Iraq.

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