"Take off your shirt, sir": Trump stages himself as a half-naked boxer

              Wednesday, November 27, 2019

              "We've never seen such a breast," doctors are said to have admired US President Donald Trump – says Donald Trump. He does not like recent speculations about his state of health. He now seems to encounter this in his very own, bizarre way.
              US President Donald Trump seems to like to see himself as a strong man: On Twitter, he released a photomontage without comment, showing him up without a muscular boxer in the ring. In the picture Trump is to be seen with a stoic look, the naked torso is not the president, but obviously the actor Sylvester Stallone in his epic role from the movie "Rocky III". It is not clear what prompted Trump to distribute the photomontage on Twitter to its 67 million followers. The photo was shared but about one hour after publication about 35,000 times and received a good 100,000 Likes.Vor one and a half weeks ago, a unannounced visit to the hospital Trump caused a stir and speculation. The White House said, however, that the 73-year-old has only filed a part of his annual health check. Physically certified overweight Trump is visibly angry about the speculation. On Tuesday night, he accused major Florida Media of falsely pretending that they had spoken of a "massive" heart attack. Trump is not exactly known as an avid athlete: Apart from regular golf games, the overweight president avoids physical activity. But he likes to brag about his body and make comments about the appearance of other people – about men and women, sometimes praising, often derogatory. Before his followers, he reported from his investigation in the Walter Reed military hospital a week and a half ago. The doctors said to him first, "Please take off your shirt, sir, and show us her magnificent breasts, we have never seen such a breast." So far, Russian leaders, Vladimir Putin, were known to be leaders among themselves like to have you naked with your body photographed for the public. In his case, it did not seem to be photomontages.

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