"That sweetened my life": Tottenham ball boy raves about Mourinho

              Thursday, November 28, 2019

              Coach José Mourinho celebrates after catching up in the Champions League against Olympiacos Piraeus a ball boy. Now Tottenham Hotspur has located the 15-year-old. He can not believe the fuss – and explains why he left the stadium so fast.
              Tottenham Hotspur have picked up the hero of the evening after beating Olympiakos Piraeus 4-2 in the Champions League. The ball boy celebrated by coach José Mourinho is called Callum Hynes and is 15 years old. And: "I have not seen the gate," he told the media department of the English first division football team. It's about the goal of Harry Kane to 2: 2 compensation (50th), which he had initiated thoughtfully. "I was busy fetching the ball that had landed on the run, and then I heard the jubilation and saw how Harry celebrated," Hynes told the club. He had thrown back the ball before the equalizer hit the nimble, allowing the quick throw-in by Serge Aurier. Hynes, who has been with the Spurs for five seasons ball boy, can not quite believe a day later, what happened next: " It's still so surreal, I just did my job and I can not quite believe what happened there. " Mourinho had run to Kanes Tor, thanked him and even hugged him. "He did not have to do that, but he still came to me, which not only sweetened my day, but my life, really, that was a fantastic moment I'll never forget," says Hynes. Klausur spoils meeting in cabinThe Portuguese coach had praised Hynes after the game explicitly: "To do that, you have to be a really good ball boy," said the 53-year-old. "He read the game and did not look at the grandstand, I wanted to invite him to the cabin to party with the players, but he was gone." The reason: Hynes would have had to write a math job at school on Wednesday and had left the stadium because of this as fast as possible, the Spurs report. Due to the events, the school had the exam but postponed to Thursday. Hynes parents were also involved in the catching up of Tottenham Hotspur in the stadium. His mother, Keeley, told the media department, "We were in the stadium and saw José (Mourinho, Ed.) Go to Callum, we thought it was going to be a high five and did not expect it, but then our phones started to ring! " For her son, the gesture was very special: "The smile on Callum's face! It was so nice that José thanked him." Callum always says that he learns and learns so much by sitting on the line watching the players I'm so proud of him. "Thanks to the quick action of Hynes Tottenham finally won despite 4: 2-residue still 4-2 and thus qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League. The team also made a debut for Mourinho: Never before could a team trained by him after a two-goal deficit still win in the Champions League.

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