The Batman: Robert Pattinson may not be a superhero

 The shooting start of The Batman is getting closer. Now more details about the DC project are getting leaked. An insider now wants to know that Batman star Robert Pattinson could get a special role. The focus in the new film should be particularly on investigation work. A comparison is drawn, which already causes wild speculation with fans. There have been speculations before and now there are always clearer hints: The Batman could come along as a classic detective adventure. The usually well-informed Hollywood insider Thomas Polito now reported to the rumor. On Twitter, he shared the information he wanted to hear: "I've heard that the film is a reminder of a Sherlock Holmes story, with Catwoman as Batman's Irene Adler and Riddler as his Moriarty Matt Reeves' Batman world – as in the comics and animated series – already be established. "
So we can assume that Batman acts more like a detective before he gets ready to fight. In the comics help him with his nose, useful high-tech gadgets and his photographic memory. His language and technical skills help him in his work as a nose. The comparison of Catwoman with Irene Adler is also no coincidence.
Adler is best known for wrapping Sherlock Holmes around his finger. Perhaps the comparison between her and Catwoman provides first clues as to how Catwoman will be laid out in The Batman. She could put Batman on her train, always following her own agenda. Professor Moriarty is known to be the archenemy of Sherlock Holmes. The Riddler fits perfectly as a brilliant opponent of Batman in this comparison.
Whether Polito is right with his statement, but still has to show. The US theatrical release of The Batman is currently scheduled for June 2021. There is not yet a German date. But we assume that it will be in close proximity to the US launch.

Source: Twitter

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