The Batman: Robert Pattinson wants to talk like a pirate

 How do you imagine the perfect Batman voice? Deep, serious and extremely threatening? For The Batman, actor Robert Pattinson has a very special idea. He would like to speak to the Dark Knight of Gotham with a pirate voice. How exactly he imagines it, we tell you here.
Batman's Nemesis Joker is currently on a real record hunt. Meanwhile, the Dark Knight prepares for his next adventure. In it, Batman (Robert Pattinson) will be dealing with several DC villains like Catwoman and the Riddler. Now, The Batman star spoke of inspiration for the famous voice of his character. As reported, among other Comic Book, Robert Pattinson recently revealed a little more about his method for the legendary DC hero.
In an interview with Access Hollywood, he revealed more about his approach to the new role. He wants to focus especially on his colleague Willem Dafoe from their joint work in The Lighthouse: "Willem's voice in The Lighthouse is quite inspirational, to be honest, it's quite similar to the voice I'm going to use … I think Batman has a kind of pirate-like voice … "Dafoe uses a rumbling, serious voice in the lighthouse, which is likely to be well suited as a template for Gotham's Dark Knight. The star actor pushed quickly after that Batman, of course, is not a pirate. Nevertheless, this particular method should certainly stand out well from its two predecessors Ben Affleck and Christian Bale.
Batman-maker Michael E. Uslan is also very excited about the new movie. Since the 1980s, he has been responsible for all Batman films as executive producer. According to Uslan, The Batman is a Noir-style detective story. He also looks forward to Matt Reeves interpretation of the DC character, which promises to be unique in Uslans view, like the films of Burton and Nolan. The Batman launches on June 25, 2021 in American cinemas. A German theatrical release is not yet known.

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