The Golden Compass: First Voices to the series His Dark Materials

 The new His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman is in the starting blocks. With The Golden Compass 2007, a film of the series, which was criticized by many fans. Now it is hoped that the new HBO adaptation of the popular fantasy series can do justice. Some first criticism voice find that it succeeds at least partially. We'll tell you all new information about the upcoming series His Dark Materials.
Since the controversial finale of Game Of Thrones, fantasy fans are waiting for dignified replenishment. Many viewers believe that the HBO and BBC production His Dark Materials is suitable as a series replacement. It is based on the eponymous novel trilogy by Philip Pullman. Your success should now be transferred to the upcoming series. The expectations of the first viewers and critics were correspondingly high.
Above all, one hopes for a better result than the Golden Compass about 12 years ago. The series wants to clear it and win back the trust of the fans. On November 4, His Dark Materials starts in the US. In Germany, the eight episodes of the first season run from 25 November on the pay-TV Sky Atlantic. The first four episodes have already been spotted by some English-speaking editors. Despite some strengths, many see the series hardly as a substitute for Game Of Thrones.
After all, all the critics can agree on the good performance of the actors. Ruth Wilson, James McAvoy, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Co. are all praised. In addition, the series, in the opinion of all critics, the film adaptation from 2007 far superior. For Robert Llyod of the Los Angeles Times, His Dark Materials is an intelligent adaptation. Even the unpleasant pages of the book are shown relentlessly open, which is a big plus point. Kristen Baldwin of the Entertainment Weekly especially praises the CGI effects and the graphical implementation. His Dark Materials looks very "beautiful and expensive".
For Hoai Tran-Bu of Slashfilm, the series focuses too much on spectacular fantasy elements. Unfortunately, HBO also dares to tiptoe to the religious themes. This would dilute the lush world of author Philip Pullman too much. Even more disappointed is Caroline Framke of Variety. She can even less recognize in the series from Pullman's rich world. The implementation is "generic … like a Harry Potter movie".
What do you think of the first criticism voices to the new series? Loyal fans will probably have to get a glimpse of His Dark Materials themselves. The trailer can now be found below in our video player.

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