The Kangaroo Chronicles: First Short Trailer with the Communist Kangaroo

 For ten years, student apartment blocks have been citing exclusively the kangaroo tetralogy and the four audiobooks have been at least one of the Spiegel bestseller lists since at least 1956. World-level director Dani Levy ("Alles auf Zucker") turned the satirical-skewed comedy into motives for the books of Marc-Uwe Kling, who wrote the script so that the communist kangaroo in the film does not suddenly mutate into a moderately social democratic koala.
The kangaroo moves in with its neighbor, the under-ambitious small artist Marc-Uwe. Shortly afterwards, however, a right-wing populist real estate shark demolished half the neighborhood in order to build the headquarters of international nationalists in the middle of Berlin-Kreuzberg. The kangaroo does not like that at all. It is communist. (Uh yes, I forgot to mention that.) Anyhow, it develops a brilliant plan. And then another, because Marc-Uwe did not understand the first one. And another third, because the second did not work. The rest can be thought of. Four Nazis, a rabbit's foot, three sports cars, a psychotherapist, a penthouse party and in the end a big anti-terrorist attack, which should put an end to the right action. By a true story.
As producers of the KÄNGURU-CHRONIKEN Stefan Arndt and Uwe Schott are responsible for X Filme Creative Pool in co-production with ZDF, Caroline von Senden, Alexandra Staib and Dr. med. Irene Wellershoff, Christian Sommer of Trixter München GmbH and ARRI.
For a considerable fee, the kangaroo plays itself (Voice Coach: Marc-Uwe Kling, stuntman: Volker Zack) and for a massively smaller fee plays Dimitrij Schaad (good guy, know mainly theater freaks) Marc-Uwe. In other roles are Filip Zumbrunn ("night train to Lisbon") in front of the camera of Rosalie Thomass ("An Outrageous Woman") as Maria, Henry Hübchen (Do you seriously write a movie in the brackets? Henry Hübchen stop!) As Real estate shark Jörg Dwigs, Carmen-Maja Antoni (The one and only mother Courage!) As pub owner Herta and Bettina Lamprecht ("Ladykracher" (No, not Anke Engelke. The other!)) As Jörg Dwigs' unscrupulous mistress. Tim Seyfi ("Once upon a time in Germany") and Adnan Maral (The daddy from Turkish for beginners, people!) Play the Späti operators Otto-Von and Friedrich-Wilhelm Yilmaz.
The KÄNGURU-CHRONIKEN were supported by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB), the Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM), the Filmförderungsanstalt FFA, the Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM), the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (FFF), the German Film Fund (DFFF) as well as MEDIA. And only because of that, so that the AFD also has something to worry about.
Kangaroo creator Marc-Uwe Kling is a writer and songwriter. The first is unsurprising, as many people write books authors. Almost all, you could say. The stories about Marc-Uwe's literary alter ego and the marsupial bounced off the stage in 2008 under the title "News from the kangaroo" on the radio. In 2009, the book "The Kangaroo Chronicles: Views of a lewd marsupial" in Berlin Ullstein Verlag. It was followed by "The Kangaroo Manifesto" and "The Kangaroo Revelation". The kangaroo has been awarded the German Radio Prize and the German Audiobook Prize and now has more gold records than ABBA. Well, maybe not. But quite a lot. In October 2018, the fourth volume "The Kangaroo Apocrypha" appeared. Klings Roman QualityLand has been translated into 24 languages. A series adaptation on HBO is in progress.

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