The Mandalorian: Then the Star Wars series comes to Germany

 In America, the new streaming service Disney + including the first Star Wars live action series was launched on November 12, 2019. European fans need to be patient. In this country Disney + appears together with The Mandalorian until next year. In The Mandalorian is a lonely bounty hunter to his vocation. The Mandalorian tries to stay out of the intergalactic conflict between the new republic and the remnants of the Empire as best he can. Although there are no political powers in the marginal areas of the galaxy, the crime has its inhabitants firmly under control. In this environment, the Mandalorian seeks a person to locate for an assignment.
Unlike previous Star Wars movies and series, The Mandalorian is not about the conflict between the Empire and rebels. In addition, countless new venues are being introduced in the new series. This shows entire planets that have never been seen in the movies before. First reviews of The Mandalorian are unanimously very good. The series should be new and fresh and still inspire Star Wars fans. In addition to action, action and humor, the music should also be excellent.
In the United States, The Mandalorian has been released along with Disney's new Disney + streaming service. Since the 12th of November the first episode can be streamed. The Mandalorian will be released together with Disney + on March 31, 2020 in Germany. In contrast to American viewers, however, we have the advantage that the entire first season is published at the same time. We still have a little patience, but if you believe the first reviews, the wait is definitely worth it.
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