The Miracle Of Marseille Trailer

  Picture to The Marseille Marvel

The Marseille Marvel Trail Story Trailer: Eight-year-old Fahim (Assad Ahmed) has to flee from his home country of Bangladesh. While his mother and siblings are left behind in a country ravaged by political turmoil, Fahim and his father Nura (Mizanur Rahaman) make their own way to France to seek asylum. But once arrived in Paris, begins again a grueling gauntlet. Where should they find accommodation and the father to find a job? And so the longed-for residence permit moves quickly into the distance. But thanks to his extraordinary talent for chess, Fahim finds in Sylvain (Gérard Depardieu) – one of the best chess coaches in France – a patron and true friend, while Nura has to relentlessly slide into illegality and go underground. As his father threatens the expulsion shortly before the French Chess Championship, Fahim has therefore only one goal: He must win the championship in Marseille and French champion, so their escape was not in vain. Actors: Ahmed Assad, Gérard Depardieu, Isabelle Nanty , Minazur Rahaman, Pierre Gommé, Emmanuel Menard
Director: Pierre-François Martin-Laval
Background: Director Pierre François Martin -Laval (GASTON, ESSAYE-MOI) tells in THE MIRACLE OF MARSEILLE with a lot of emotion, but also humor, the incredible true story of a boy who puts everything at stake for his dream. Alone with his father in a foreign country, without knowing their culture and language, the small refugee Fahim has stranded as an illegal immigrant in France. The fact that this boy, despite everything, succeeds in becoming a French chess master is indeed a miracle. Equally impressive is the young amateur actor Assad Ahmed, who, like the real Fahim Mohammad from Bangladesh, only learned the French language during the filming. In addition to the thoroughbred actors Gérard Depardieu (CYRANO OF BERGERAC) and Isabelle Nanty (THE FAMOUS WORLD OF AMÉLIE), he acts convincingly and absolutely heartbreaking in the lead role.
Production country & year: France 2019
Roles: Ahmed AssadFahimGérard DepardieuSylvain

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