The Purge 5: These are the main characters

 The The Purge series will be finished with the fifth part next year. The finale was already months ago in the headlines, as the producers Jason Blum and James De Monaco met with Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone. Whether Stallone will appear in The Purge 5, is still unclear, but the main characters are now known.Franchise creator James De Monaco, who had not only the idea for the Purge series, but since the first film in 2013 too As producer of the series, has already hinted in the past that the finale of the series will be special. His idea should have caused amazement among those responsible. He does not just want to end the era with the last part of the series, but wants to complete it. He already has an idea for another offshoot, but this would probably come back in the form of a series, as the new The Purge project on Amazon Prime Video did. In the cinema, the Purge series is completed with The Purge 5.
Although nothing is yet known about the great idea and plot of The Purge 5, the first details are now known. So the actors Ana De La Reguera and Tenoch Huerta were cast as the main actor. Ana De La Reguera is known from Narcos, The Blacklist and Cowboys & Aliens, while Tenoch Huerta was featured in James Bond: Specter alongside several Mexican productions. Which roles the two embody, however, is still unclear. What is certain is that the two of them not only want to survive The Purge Night, but also seem to cause the barbaric event to end.
The Purge 5 will be released in cinemas in 2020. An exact date is not yet known and the enigmatic meeting with Sylvester Stallone is still unclear. In the next few months so various details are known.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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