The Witcher: Netflix makes a horror series

 Now it will not be long before Netflix 'contender for the fantasy serial throne launches after the end of Game Of Thrones. But The Witcher is apparently more horror and a little less fantasy than previously thought. This is the latest information that came to light after interviewing one of The Witcher's staff members. Julian Perry takes care of the special FX at The Witcher. Since The Witcher is known not only for his highly praised book templates, but also for his multi-award winning games, is of course also regularly reported to various game magazines on the new Netflix series. In the current case, GamesRadar talked to the gentlemen mentioned and it came out something very interesting:
"I'm definitely assuming that [The Witcher] is more in the direction of horror. We're definitely taking Fantasy out, "Perry said in an interview. So, The Witcher will not be a fantasy series like it used to, but a horror series? It does not seem to go quite that far if you look at other parts of the interview.
The Netflix version of The Witcher is more likely to be a kind of mix of fantasy and horror, with the horror elements already in the template are emphasized, the fantasy elements but less if you understand Perry's statements correctly: "(…) I mean, we have fantasy in it, but in a grounded horror sense. Take, for example, the Striga – a very gnarled-looking creature. That is very unpleasant! "
The Striga are women who have been turned into monsters by a curse that now only hunt down all living beings to hunt for them. Apparently, there are also logistical reasons why one puts at The Witcher on more horror than fantasy: "We have the Nilfgaard armies with over 10,000 men, we can not realize. So it is with the Temeriern and the Cintra. We can not physically bring these armies to life here on set. "
On CGI alternatives you do not seem to set in this regard. How much horror, fantasy and CGI will actually be seen in The Witcher, you can check yourself from the start of the Netflix series just before Christmas itself. You just have to be patient for a few more weeks: On 20/12/2019 you are ready and you can join Geralt von Riva in the monster hunt.

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