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  Picture to Die Wolf-Gäng

The story about The Wolf-Gang Trailer: It's the horror for every teenager: to be in the classroom. Vlad (AARON KISSIOV) moved with his father Barnabas (RICK KAVANIAN) to Crailsfelden, a fantastic city full of fairies, witches, trolls, dwarves and vampires like Vlad and Barnabas. The 13-year-old is new at the Penner Academy, the most famous magical school in the world. And right on the first day Vlad passes something really embarrassing: at the sight of a blood drop, he has to vomit in front of the assembled team. Because: He is a vampire who can not see blood. Together with his two new friends, Faye (JOHANNA SCHRAML), a fairy with fear of flying, and Wolf (ARSSENI BULTMANN), a werewolf with animal hair allergy, he is in sad company – and the laughing stock of the whole school. However, the good-natured caretaker Hannappel (AXEL STEIN) steers the Wolf-Gäng in the right direction and so the sympathetic anti-heroes of a mysterious plot around mayor Louis number (CHRISTIAN BERKEL) and his secretary Mrs. Circemeyer (SONJA GERHARDT) on the track who could bring down the whole of Crailsfelden and its magical inhabitants – and learn to accept themselves as they are. Actors: Sonja Gerhardt, Christian Berkel, Axel Stein, Waldemar Kobus, Julia Koschitz, Rick Kavanian, Hilmi Sözer , Hans-Jochen Wagner, Nicole Heesters, Arved Friese, Butz Ulrich Buse, Sanne Schnapp, Arsseni Bultmann, Aaron Kissiov, Valentin Oppermann
Director: Tim Trageser
Background: The popular youth novel and audiobook series DIE WOLF-GANG by fantasy master Wolfgang Hohlbein comes on the big screen: Director Tim Trageser ("Help, I've shrunk my parents") filmed for the script by Marc Hillefeld. Starring is Aaron Kissiov ("Liliane Susewind – An Animal Adventure"), Johanna Schraml, Arsseni Bultmann ("Robbi, Tobbi and the Fliewatüüt"), Rick Kavanian ("Hotel Transylvania 3 – A Monster Holiday", "Bully Parade – The Film "), Christian Berkel (" Inglourious Basterds "," Codename UNCLE "), Axel Stein (" Help, I Shrunk My Parents "," The Goldfish ") and Sonja Gerhardt (" Ku'damm 56 "," Cold Feet ") To see.
Roles: Sonja Gerhardt woman Circe Meyer Christian Berkel Louis digit Axel Stein Hannappel Waldemar KobusBrückentrollJulia KoschitzJuliaRick KavanianBarnabasHilmi SözerWachtmeister SchnappaufHans-Jochen Wagner Mr. WermannNicole HeestersDirektorin PennerArved Friese Michael 'Hackfresse'Butz Ulrich BuseSteuereintreiberSanne snap woman WermannArsseni BultmannWolfAaron KissiovVladValentin Jürgen Oppermann' pimples face '

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