Turturro opens the wrong envelope: Breakdown German crew empties the Emmys

              Tuesday, November 26, 2019

              The hopes of the team of "Bad Banks" are great: For the second time only, the series could clear a German production at the International Emmys in the most important category. But the organizers of the gala in New York make a faux pas that causes early disappointment.
              The ball gowns of women shine, the men's flies are sitting, and the adrenalin level of the traveling title candidates from Germany is rising this evening in New York. The Hilton Ballroom in downtown Manhattan will be the start of the 47th International Emmys, offshoot of the major US industry award, which recognizes television productions from around the world. "Bad Banks" is nominated as "Best Drama Series", and the makers of the ZDF series hope to bring the award in the most important category to Germany for only the second time after "Deutschland 83". But then an embarrassing faux pas happens – and all hopes are gone. As the first speaker of the evening, John Turturro enters the stage to announce the winner of the "Best Miniseries". He opens the envelope with the supposed winner and shouts: "McMafia!" The hall is irritated, the British series on worldwide organized crime is not nominated in this category. Then it becomes clear that Turturro accidentally has the wrong envelope – they have given him for the actual climax of the night, "Best Drama Series "instead of" Best miniseries ". The excitement is out for the rest of the evening – and the visiting Germans know that they will not win. Reminiscences of the Oscar Gala 2017 "Bad Banks" director Schwochow (here 2018) was disappointed after the Emmy gala. (Photo: imago / Andre Poling) "That was a little downer – actually a big one," said director Christian Schwochow to the German journalist when he left the ballroom after the ceremony. The disappointment just outweighs a little, he said. "Although nothing changes in the result." On the other hand, he was already happy about the many international awards of the thriller series on the questionable excesses of the financial world. The success of the series proves him right, a second season is in progress. "From now on, only PriceWaterhouseCoopers," moderated moderator and comedian Ronny Chieng amid the laughter of the audience after the glitch, which commemorates the 2017 Academy Awards. At that time, instead of the correct winner for the best movie of the evening ("Moonlight") was accidentally read the contents of the envelope for Best Actress ("La La Land" with Emma Stone). Back then in Hollywood the accountants of PriceWaterhouseCoopers were responsible, now in New York it was the competition of Ernst & Young.Niewöhner missed the main actor award. Emptied at the International Emmys: Jannis Niewöhner. (Photo: imago images / STAR-MEDIA) From a German point of view, the disappointment at the beginning of the show was also great for another reason, because the Krefeld actor Jannis Niewöhner, leading actor of the Amazon thriller series "Beat", had to compete in the category "Best Performance of a lead actor "also beaten a competitor – the Turkish actor Haluk Bilginer for his role in the Alzheimer drama" Sahsiyet ". In addition to two special awards for reporter Christiane Amanpour and the creators of the fantasy series "Game of Thrones", the prizes were widely distributed internationally in the eleven competition categories. Among other things, two of them went to Brazil and the Netherlands, a double succeeded in any country. From the German point of view was still a small consolation at the end of the evening. In the category "Best non-English-language production in the US television program" won "Falco" – a Spanish-language adaptation of the Sat.1 series "The Last Bull". The International Emmys are awarded in eleven categories. Also awarded for non-American productions awards are much sought after, but do not have the splendor of the awards given in Los Angeles US prices.

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