UN Security Council: European countries condemn Israeli policy of the USA

Thursday, 21.11.2019
01:51 clock

The first reactions were already clear, now the European countries in the UN Security Council after again. They have criticized the US course of change regarding Israeli settlement policy.


Any settlement activity violates international law and undermines the implementation of the two-state solution and thus the prospect of lasting peace, it said in a joint statement by Germany, Belgium, France, Britain and Poland on Wednesday. The attitude of European countries in the UN Security Council on this issue is "clear and unchanged".

That does not apply to the US. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday in Washington that after careful consideration of "all sides" of the legal debate, his government had concluded that Jewish settlements in the Palestinian area were not "per se" contrary to international law. To classify the establishment of Jewish settlements in the West Bank as a violation of international law "did not work," said the US Secretary of State. "It did not serve the cause of peace." (Read an analysis of the US decision here)

  With his remarks, Pompeo announced an important turnaround in US Middle East policy. So far, at least theoretically, Washington's US Department of State expertise has been authoritative, according to which the establishment of Jewish settlements in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories is a breach of international law.

Joy in the Israelis – warnings on the other side

Israel had welcomed Washington's decision as expected. "A historical mistake has been corrected," said PM Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday. His foreign minister thanked the Trump government for their support. However, a spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the US turnaround. The reassessment would be "completely contrary to international law".

  "Israeli settlements are stealing Palestinian land, seizing and exploiting Palestinian natural resources," said Saeb Erekat, secretary-general of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). The settlements also limited the right to freedom of movement of the Palestinian people. The Jordanian Foreign Minister warned of "dangerous consequences".

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