USA: Michael Bloomberg before bid for presidential candidacy

Tuesday, 12.11.2019
23:13 clock

Michael Bloomberg has taken another step towards becoming a presidential candidate for the US Democrats next year. "We have to defeat Trump," tweeted the billionaire. "He disappointed us at every turn." The former mayor of New York submitted the necessary documents for possible participation in the primaries for a candidacy in the US state of Arkansas, he wrote. Last week, the 77-year-old had already deposited his documents in Alabama, but did not comment on a candidacy.


Experts see Bloomberg's possible candidacy as a threat to Biden. Both are located politically in the middle, while Senators Warren and Bernie Sanders, who are in polls just behind Biden, represented left-wing positions.

"Sorry, you will not buy this election"

Officially, Bloomberg has not yet entered the race for the Democrats' candidacy, but Sanders and Warren have already put themselves in position. "Tonight we say to Michael Bloomberg and other billionaires: Sorry, you will not buy this election," Sanders said. Similarly, Warren commented on NBC broadcaster: "I do not think democracy should be about people coming in and buying elections."


  Bloomberg is considered one of the richest men in the world, he founded the named after him financial and media companies. He could bring significant funding into a campaign against Trump, who wants to play in the election again for the Republicans.

By contrast, Republican Mark Sanford's bid has apparently been suspended, according to CNN and other US media. The former governor of South Carolina had little chance anyway. This also applies to the other Republicans, who want to dispute Trump's candidacy.

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