Video of "Santa Baby": Williams and Fisherman Thrice

              Wednesday, November 20, 2019

              Helene Fischer not only turns heads on millions of Germans. Robbie Williams succumbed to her charm as well. That's why he not only recorded the song "Santa Baby" with him for his Christmas album. He also shows in the accompanying video with her in flirting mode.
              Lasziv she breathes her extravagant Christmas wish list into the microphone and throws Superstar Robbie Williams languishing glances: The chemistry between King of the Beatles Helene Fischer and the British agrees in the music video to her duet of the Christmas classic "Santa Baby", which was released this Wednesday. * Privacy The two stars were filmed during the recording in the studio. So the fans are allowed to take a look behind the scenes to the works on the upcoming Williams album "The Christmas Present", which will be released on November 22nd. The former Take-That-Star chatted in advance that the two got on splendidly together. "We got along well on all levels (…) I admire her passion, her passion and her enjoyment of the game. It was nice to spend some time with her in the studio, "Williams enthused." Loving and gorgeous. "The two met over ten years ago at an awards ceremony. Since then Williams could not forget the German King of the Beatles, "She is a loving and gorgeous person, she has never completely disappeared from my radar ever since," the entertainer candidly admits, ennobling his colleague: "She is very creative and works incredibly hard, much harder than I do it, for example. "But the admiration of the two for each other is certainly only platonic. After all, Fischer is still relatively in love with her Thomas Seitel. And Williams's wife Ayda Fields chatted recently that she even wants a fourth child with the singer. However, also between Williams and Nicole Kidman, with whom he once smashed duet "Somethin 'Stupid", it should have sparked , But that is almost 20 years ago. There was neither an Ayda in his life nor a Thomas in Helene's.

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