Video: The first TV appearances of the big stars

Even stars have started small. This proves this video, in which their first television appearances can be seen. Many of those who are rich and famous today were ordinary people back then, appearing quite naturally and much less professional. Let's go: Whether singer, model or actor, everyone must somehow be known, if you want to earn a lot of money with such a job. And how can it be better known than by a performance on television. So many, now well-known personalities, were shown on television long before their careers. Some of them are G√ľnther Jauch, Helene Fischer or Bradley Cooper. So if you want to see which stars have been on TV since a young age, then click on the video. Interesting insights from the history of TV await you!
Even if the stars all looked much younger then, their age is not the biggest change in them. Thus, the self-confidence and the way one gives oneself change with wealth and celebrity. So many world stars were nervous and uncertain on their first TV appearances. US President Donald Trump was even more sympathetic in his first interview. Other stars such as Heidi Klum or Ed Sheeran did not only look different then but also lacked the aura of the typical celebrities they are today. Had they known then how successful they once became, they would have been different then.
So if you want to see what these stars looked like on their first TV appearances, then click on the video. It is definitely very funny and sympathetic, as the then unknown stars showed. So it does not hurt to watch the video because it proves that even today's world stars are just human, just like everyone else. Nevertheless, you already notice many of the young stars their talent.

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