Vikings Season 6: The first minutes of the new episode in the video

 The final episodes of Vikings are getting closer and closer. Fans can hardly wait until Season 6 finally appears. Luckily, there is already a taste of what the audience is looking for. A new video shows the first minutes of the first episode, in which we see a lot of Ivar. December will have a lot of exciting highlights for many series fans. On the one hand, of course, there would be the launch of the Netflix series The Witcher. At the same time the big final of the hit series Vikings is rising on the History Channel. In the sixth and final season, King Björn will have to defend his crown hard. Especially his half-brother Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen) is aiming for the throne.
At the end of Season 5, the warriors around Björn and Lagertha succeeded in knocking the boneless off the throne. But the conflict is far from over. Instead, Ivar now gathers his strength and seeks support. In a new video we now see, which place it takes the Viking to. It shows the first minutes of Season 6, which shows Ivar's retreat.
After his defeat against Björn Ivar travels east. In the clip we see the former king with beard and long hair. On its hard way, the die-hard fighter takes it up with all conditions. Finally, in his trip to the Greater Kingdom leads Kievan Rus, where he meets Prince Oleg. Together with the influential nobleman, Ivar wants to plan a march into Scandinavia. After criticizing the development of Ivar's character, Vikings creator Michael Hirst now has new plans for him. Apparently, in the final we will see some pages of Ivar that we did not expect.
Season 6 of Vikings starts on 4 December 2019 with a double succession. The other 8 episodes will be aired individually per week. By 2020 there will be 10 more episodes in a second part of the season. When the last episodes in Germany premiere, is still unknown. In our video player you can now watch the first few minutes of Season 6 for yourself. Simply click to start the clip.

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