Vikings: The Series continues on Netflix

 The last season of Vikings is almost upon us. Fortunately, replenishment was confirmed long ago. Already more than a year ago, it was announced that there will be a spin-off to the main series. Now streaming giant Netflix takes over the project and makes a sequel out of it. It seems as if the gods listened to the fans. It's finally clear that more stories about Vikings await us in the future. As reported among others Comic Book and Deadline, is currently working on a spin-off. Now we know what it's all about.
Netflix's Vikings: Valhalla series celebrates 100 years after the last season of the main series. The focus of the plot should be the stories of the most famous Vikings ever. These include Leif Erikson, Freydis, Harald Harada and William the Conqueror. In a brutal Europe, they must regularly fight for their own survival.
The spin-off is produced by Michael Hirst, who has already worked on the main series. Netflix has requested 24 episodes for Vikings: Valhalla. Channing Dungey, vice president of Netflix's original series, is convinced of the spin-off: "Vikings: Valhalla promises to be everything the fans love about the franchise: heartbeat, unstoppable action, rooted in rich characters and dramatic storytelling, the family "Loyalty and power lit up."
MGM Television is also involved in the production. Product and Development Director Steve Stark commented on the upcoming Netflix series: "Valhalla was a heart project for everyone involved and as we look forward to continuing this great saga, we are delighted that fans around the world have the opportunity have to continue the series in their new home at Netflix. "
Until Valhalla arrives, we are looking forward to the last season of the main series. When the last episodes appear in Germany is still unclear. In the US season 6 but on 4 December 2019 at the start. Are you happy that we have a spin-off to Vikings?

Sources: Comic Book, Deadline

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