Virtual reality in the cowshed: Russian cows get propaganda glasses

              Tuesday, November 26, 2019

              Because Russia is suffering from EU food sanctions, Moscow wants to boost domestic milk production. Special glasses are to fool cows, they stand on a green pasture. Initial tests allegedly show that the animals respond well to the propaganda.
              In the future, Russian cows will produce more milk with the help of virtual reality glasses (VR) and digital images of green, lush meadows. In the cold Russian winter, the animals could see simulated grazing areas and relax better. This could boost milk production, said the Ministry of Agriculture of the Moscow region. Thus, "unprecedented results should be achieved," it said. A prototype of the glasses is already being tested on a farm near the Russian capital. With VR glasses you can immerse yourself in virtual realities. They are used for both computer games and other industries. For example, police or firefighters use this technique to practice emergency and terrorist operations. The glasses were specially adapted to the head shape of the cows, it was said from Moscow. The animals should be shown shades of red, green and blue. Initial tests have already shown success. The cows felt less anxious and the herd was altogether more peaceful. A large-scale study will investigate this further. According to the ministry, some Russian companies already rely on classical music to stimulate milk production in cows. Russia has been investing more heavily in the domestic dairy industry for several years now because the supply of dairy products has plummeted since sanctions on various EU foods. The country should be able to compete on the international market with new, innovative methods, according to the ministry's announcement.

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