VVN-BdA: Criticism of Withdrawal of Non-Profit from Association of Nazi Victims

Sunday, 24.11.2019
00:06 clock

The decision of the Berlin financial administration, the antifascist association to recognize the non-profit, has met with much criticism. The decision concerns the Association of Victims of the Nazi Regime (VVN-BdA). In addition to politicians, the International Auschwitz Committee also spoke up.


Against the background of everyday right-wing extremist threats, his Executive Vice-President Christoph Heubner described the decision as a scandal, as it said in a statement on Saturday.

Germany's reputation would be damaged and the common commitment against right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism significantly weakened, said Heubner. The VVN-BdA had socialized and politicized generations of young people in Germany. The association was founded by survivors of German concentration camps after the Second World War. The full name is "Association of Victims of the Nazi Regime – Association of Anti-Fascists".

From the Bavarian constitution protection as extreme left led

  The Berlin tax office for corporations I had deprived the association of charitable status, which is why he claims to be threatened with high back taxes, which are existence-endangering. In a letter from the tax office, the decision is justified by the fact that the association in the intelligence reports of Bavaria is run for years as a left-wing association.

The Jewish community in Berlin also rejected this approach. It is unacceptable for the state to sanction democratic engagement against right-wing extremists and Nazis, said the representative of the Jewish Community Against Anti-Semitism, Sigmount A. Koenigsberg. "What is that sign?" He asked. SPD politician Sawsan Chebli wrote on Twitter: "This madness needs to be reversed." Criticism came also from Berlin country politicians of the left and Greens.

  At the state party convention of the Berlin Left, solidarity with the VVN-BdA was dislocated on a banner. The deputy chairman of the left parliamentary group Gesine Lötzsch demanded on Twitter "the immediate recognition as a non-profit".

  Meanwhile, the Federal Ministry of Finance rejected criticism of planned new regulations on the charitable status of clubs. The goal is not a "punishment", but the protection of clubs that are also politically involved, said a spokesman.

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