We Are The Wave Season 2: When will the Netflix series continue?

 In the drama film The Wave of 2008, normal students staged a rebellion through a school experiment. We are the wave treated a very similar situation. After a short first season, there is now a desire for replenishment. When will the Netflix series continue? The first season of We Are The Wave was over after 6 short episodes. Many Netflix Binger will probably have seen through the series from Germany on the first weekend. In the short story, however, so many big topics are mentioned that it pays to think about a second season. The last episode so far indicates that the makers are doing the same thing.
The first season of We Are The Wave offers a self-contained story and a sequel would not be necessary. However, there is a scene that asks us a question at the end of the series. In the last episode, Tristan (Ludwig Simon) wants to blow up a weapons factory. Luckily he decides otherwise at the last moment. Later, the bomb lands at Zazie (Michelle Barthel).
While Tristan, together with Lea (Luise Befort) and the others, is holding a peaceful protest on the grounds of the Arms Factory, Zazie goes home. In her final scene, we see the renegade opening Tristan's bag and glancing at the bomb. Zazie quickly became the most radical of the five founding members of the wave. That she is now in possession of the bomb can hardly mean anything good. So far, Netflix has not ordered a second season of Wir Sind Die Welle. The makers have not yet commented on a possible continuation. But the open end of Zazie's story line suggests that we have not seen her for the last time.
Season 2 could build on that and make Zazie a militant extremist who has to fight abuses with violence and be stopped by her friends. All this is of course just speculation at the moment, based on what the series implies. Still there is no information about when the second season We Are The Wave is coming and if it will ever happen. If successful, the creators will surely think about a sequel. For new series, Netflix usually waits the first few weeks before deciding on a sequel. We are the wave you see since November 1, 2019 at Netflix.

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