Whale targets Oregon Project runner

              Tuesday, 05. November 2019

              The World Anti-Doping Agency wants to check if runners of the recently closed Nike Oregon Project have doped. Coach of the running group, Alberto Salazar, was suspended during the World Athletics Championships for doping abuse. The night tests could also apply to Konstanze Klosterhalfen.
              The World Anti-Doping Agency also wants to take a close look at the athletes it serves on the Nike Oregon Project (NOP) as part of the doping ban for American coach Alberto Salazar. As outgoing Wada President Craig Reedie told British BBC Sport online portal, it should be investigated if athletes have betrayed themselves: "We have to look at this, and we will do it." Konstanze Klosterhalfen won at the World Championships in Doha bronze over 5000 meters. (Photo: dpa) Although the US anti-doping agency Usada has found in their judgment against Salazar no fault of successful former and current runners of the coach, the Wada is considering, among other things, secondary tests of stored doping samples to arrange. "Looking back, we can look back at how these athletes have been tested over the years, but it would be more interesting for us if there are rehearsals we can do," explained Reedie. Monk Halves was also part of the NOP. The Usada was started by Salazar and a doctor October suspended for four years for allegedly violating anti-doping rules between 2010 and 2014 in the Oregon Project, which has since been shut down by US sportswear maker Nike. Salazar has objected to the ban. He had trained, among others, the four-time British Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah until 2017. Most recently at the World Championships in the Doha Sifan Hassan over 1500 and 10,000 meters as well as Donavan Brazier over 800 meters became world champion. They trained as well as the championship third parties over 5000 meters, Konstanze Klosterhalfen, until the closure of the Oregon Project there. The German "Century Talent", which has been running in the USA since the end of 2018, has been officially part of the controversial NOP since April, but was not coached by Salazar but by assistant coach Pete Julian. Alberto Salazar was suspended for four years. (Photo: REUTERS) Klosterhalfen had emphasized that they could "fully understand" the NOP closure, even though they could only "say positive things" about the team, the other members and trainer Julian and therefore "completely free themselves of all suspicions" could. In the future, the exceptional runner from Leverkusen relies on her equipment supplier and on training in the USA. Meanwhile, the International Olympic Committee wants to provide an additional ten million dollars for the fight against doping. As IOC President Thomas Bach told the World Anti-Doping Agency in Katowice, the money will be provided for "an action plan". Of this, five million euros will be used for a larger storage of doping samples. In addition to the storage of the tests during the Olympic Games, the focus is also on the samples taken before the major sporting event. They are frozen for 10-year retest. Hundreds of doping samples from the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing and 2012 in London had been retrospectively studied using improved analytical methods. At least 120 positive tests were detected.

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