Which opponents threaten the DFB team at the European Championship final round?

Joachim Löw is also looking forward to his fourth group draw as national coach for an European Championship final round. Planning reliability around half a year before the tournament, the 59-year-old is always good. On Saturday (18:00 clock) in Bucharest, the DFB head coach, however, only two of the three Vorrundenkontrahenten for the tournament from June 12 to July 12 experience. This peculiarity is only one criterion of a completely unusual EM.

Which opponents threaten the German national team with the EM? The selection of national coach Löw is placed after first place in the qualifying round in the pot of the best six teams. Nevertheless, it could come to real crackers already in the European Championship preliminary round. So a group with world champion France from pot 2 and European champion Portugal from pot 3 is possible. Other alternatives from pot 2 are Switzerland, Croatia or Poland. Pot 3 could also be Sweden, Austria, Turkey or the Czech Republic. The opponent from pot 4, however, is not fixed until March 31, 2020.Why not all groups will be drawn completely? For the first time, four of the 24 European Championship tickets will be determined through the playoffs of the new Nations League. The knockout games will take place on the 26th and 31st of March. An exact assignment is only then possible. But one thing is certain: the German group will be awarded the winner of the playoff path A with Iceland, Bulgaria or co-hosts Hungary. Only if the fourth team Romania prevail in this group, the DFB-Elf will play against the winner of the D-path in the European Championship, as Romania would then go as a co-host in the Holland Group. In the path D play first Georgia – Belarus and North Macedonia – Kosovo.Why are some constellations for this already fixed? This is the special mode with twelve hosts and various political requirements owed. Each host should play in his home group. Germany, England, Spain and Italy are allocated from pot 1 of their home group. Belgium must be in the Russia group, as the sixth team in pot 1, Ukraine may not play in Russia. That's why Ukraine is sure to go to the Holland Group C. Denmark as Russia's co-hosts are also in Group B, with three teams already in Belgium. In addition, Pot 4 for this group and Italy Group 1 will leave only Wales and Finland as options, as there are at least one host in three playoff paths that would have to be assigned to the CF groups, and Kosovo in Path D would not be in for political reasons The Russia group is allowed – sounds complicated, but is logical in itself.Wo plays Germany at the European Championships? The group home games on 16, 20 and 24 June in the Munich Allianz Arena are safe. After that, the DFB-Elf starts a European tour if successful. As group winners, it will be in the second round to Bucharest, in the quarter-finals to St. Petersburg towards the semi-finals and final to London. As a runner-up, Dublin and Rome would be the first stages of the knockout matches before the final week in London. As one of the four best group rides there are even two possible routes: Either via Bilbao and Munich or via Budapest and Baku to London. Of the twelve European Championship venues, a German appearance is only ruled out for Amsterdam, Glasgow and Copenhagen.Why does the European Championship even take place in twelve host countries? Shortly before the European Championship final in 2012, the then UEFA President Michel Platini surprised with the idea. His reasoning: 60 years after the premiere tournament, the format should be an expression of the peoples connecting character in a united Europe. Critics, however, alleged that the Frenchman wanted to make as many UEFA members as possible voters happy. Today one is no longer happy in the association headquarters. Twelve hosts in four time zones with ten languages ​​and seven currencies make tournament logistics expensive and complicated.How does the finals work this coming summer? The format is the same as in 2016 – and a lot of bitching has been done. In six groups of four, the 16 out of 24 teams that qualify for the round of 16 will be determined. In addition to the six group winners and six runners-up, the four best group rides will continue. Decisive for the placement within the groups in the case of equality of points is first of all the direct comparison of the teams involved. For the ranking of the best group thirds, the goal difference is used as the next decision criterion for equality of points. In the knockout phase, every math is over. Then in the usual system with extension and penalty shootout in case of any tie a winner is determined. The successor of European champion Portugal will be announced at Wembley Stadium in London on July 12.How to get tickets as a fan After the draw the second ticket window will open. Then fans can sign up again on the ticket portal of UEFA ( In the first phase of the summer, 19.3 million tickets were requested, according to UEFA, although the fixtures were not fixed. By lottery, the 1.5 million tickets available during this phase were then distributed. Now fans can also apply specifically for games of certain teams. If still available, orders are even possible until the tournament.

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