Who is afraid of gender mania – TV documentary

 Since 2018, intersex people can choose which gender they want to have documented: male, female, the new third gender divers or no entry. The civil status entry "divers" is a profound cultural upheaval of our time. But opposition to this innovation is resisting, from the very right to the very middle. On Saturday, November 30, 2019, Karsten Gravert questions at 3:20 pm in the 3satKulturdoku "Who is afraid of gender mania? The Kulturkampf ums sex" (Erstausstrahlung), why the gender idea for many seems so threatening.
Pope Francis sees in the "gender ideology" a "world war against marriage", the association German language in the "gender mischief" a "destructive intervention in the German language", and right-wing populists across Europe fight the "gender delusion" and propagate the heterosexual nuclear family as the basis of a "healthy" society. The documentary explores the cultural struggle around gender and asks how countries act in which gender opponents are in government.

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