Why? Because of Alessio, of course !: Pietro Lombardi gives Melissa a dump

              Wednesday, 06. November 2019

              It sounded so promising! When Pietro Lombardi sees "Love Island" candidate Melissa in the telly, he is blown away. He publicizes her in court, gushes that it is "just like Sarah" and eventually even meets her. But now the dream of love happiness has burst like a soap bubble.
              The main thing, Alessio is fine! Anyone who can not hear this sentence, please stand up now … But it does not help. In this episode from Pietro Lombardi's life, this meanwhile winged word again plays a central role. But in turn: Three years have passed since since the stranger photos of his wife Sarah Lombardis young marriage-happiness is broken. While his ex has long since gone back to male fishing, the 27-year-old has been beating his life as a single since then. He would not be averse to a new relationship, if he would run the right thing for him. Anyway, we thought so far. "Classic romance" Finally, Pietro Lombardi seemed to be sure a few weeks ago, to have found in a certain Melissa the right one. Well, he only knew her from television because she was also looking for "Mister Right" as a candidate on "Love Island". But with that, he knew more about her than any other Tinder acquaintance. "Melissa, I'm really serious, I want to get to know you," Pietro Lombardi said publicly, among other things, for the attention of his loved ones. And he was heard. "Outwardly, he scores times," Melissa said, inviting him to the date. Even after the first clashes, it seemed as if a new love affair for the "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" winner of the year 2011 could start here. They had a "classic romance," Pietro Lombardi chattered and enthused: "It feels right in any case, just like Sarah at that time." And perhaps the very best: Even the ex gave her absolution to the long-running single. "I think she's a very, very pretty girl," Sarah said about Melissa and said optimistically, "They're doing that." What world are you living in? But piss cake! They do nothing – except for the tender bud of their togetherness. The initiator could well have been Pietro Lombardi. Anyway, that sounds out of the comments in his Instagram story. "It was really nice," he explains, adding with regard to Melissa: "She is really a great woman, very warm, I can not say a bad word about her." Nevertheless, he had thought about the situation and had come to the conclusion that he did not want to have a relationship at present. "The free time I have, I would like to use with my son," said the singer. Main thing, Alessio is fine – so it is again! Not all fans want to understand that. For example, one of them asked Pietro Lombardi on Instagram why he had shown interest in Melissa when he was not ready for a relationship – and received a rather timid answer: "Being interested in a person does not mean a long way off that it has to become a relationship, I do not know which world you live in, where each introductory phase becomes a relationship. "But sponge it over. After all, Pietro Lombardi and Melissa actually seem to have amicably agreed not to do anything with each other. "We did not argue," he says. And Melissa's words on her Instagram page sound conciliatory: she's grateful to have met someone with the heart in the right place. At the same time she published an SMS that her mother wrote to her. "You do not want to hear that, but I think you would not be happy," it says. And further: "I've been sitting at 28 and have always considered how to be the one with whom I should be happy … You can not imagine anything." In this sense: get up, set the crown, carry on.

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