Witness portrays internal chaos after Trump's Ukraine blockade

Tuesday, 12.11.2019
02:59 clock

The interim blockade of military aid to Ukraine by the White House has caused great concern and hassle among key government officials, according to a Defense Department official.


"All" senior Defense and State Department officials and other national security agencies considered the $ 400 million worth of assistance necessary, said the Pentagon's Ukraine policy expert Laura Cooper in the US Congress. The process had "alarm bells" triggered, not least because the motives of the President for the most unusual step were unclear.


J. Scott Applewhite / AP
Laura Cooper (in October): Transcript reveals new details of the affair

The survey was already in October, the transcript was published on Monday evening (local time) by the Democrats in the House of Representatives. At that time, their hearing had been interrupted because numerous Republicans had stormed into the room unauthorized. By their own admission, they wanted to demonstrate against the allegedly unfair and one-sided questioning – a move that should have been intended above all for the eyes of Donald Trump.

  Cooper is one of the witnesses heard as part of the Democrats' investigation into possible impeachment Trump. On Wednesday, witnesses will be publicly interviewed for the first time.

In addition to the transcript of Cooper's statement, the transcripts of two further surveys were also published. In it said Catherine Croft, adviser to the Ukrainian special representative Kurt Volker, that in the Ukraine also very early concern for the aid from the USA gave. For example, several Ukrainian officials had addressed them confidentially with questions about the reasons for delay in the agreed payment.

Ask Ukraine: treat your request confidentially

  The officials had been very careful that this does not mean anything to the public, so Croft. Otherwise, this could be understood in other countries as a dwindling US support for Ukraine, so the fear. Ukraine and Russia have been in conflict for years, and in eastern Donbass, Russian-backed separatists are constantly fighting with the Ukrainian army.

  The Democrats accuse Trump of abusing his position so that the Ukrainian government intervenes in his favor in the US election campaign. They argue that he has temporarily withheld military assistance for the Ukrainian government to commit to investigations that could harm Trump's political opponent Joe Biden from the Democrats. Biden wants to run for the Democrats in the 2020 election and is thus a possible challenger Trumps.

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