ZDF tilts "young news": "today +" is only minus

              Friday, November 22, 2019

              About four years ago, "today +" should start as a high-flyer on ZDF – and ends up as a bedside rug. The public service broadcaster takes the format that news should pack young, dynamic and repackage from the TV program.
              The ZDF news program "today +" is about to end. This reports the industry magazine DWDL and relies on the confirmation of a station spokesman. According to the information, the format will fly in the middle of next year from the television program of the public broadcaster. It should not be completely shredded. "today +" rather "consistently go on the web and will develop video formats there, which can also enrich the TV programs," quoted DWDL from a ZDF statement. In other words: For the Internet, the program is still perceived as good enough, but not for television.Reform of the ZDF NachrichtenangebotDie banishment of "heute +" from the TV should be part of a far-reaching reform of the ZDF news offer under the heading "ZDF today 2020" , It is apparently not intended to delete the program, which provided the ZDF viewers with news in the past few years, without replacement. So it should continue to give a "late news format after midnight" in the television program of the station, it is said "today +" was launched in May 2015. At that time, the program replaced the format "tonight", which had been broadcast since 1994 and thus more than 20 years. Target group or banal? "Today +" was with a youthful appeal and a targeting of the news primarily a young Address the audience. This is done, for example, through increased involvement of social networks. However, the format also had to live with the accusation of the banalization of news. The main moderators were first Daniel Bröckerhoff and Eva-Maria Lemke. The latter turned its back on the show in 2018 and was replaced by Hanna Zimmermann.

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