Alarm for Cobra 11: RTL throws series in January of the program

 The coming year brings a lot of changes for RTL viewers. Especially the complete Thursday evening will get a new program in January 2020. The popular series Alarm für Cobra 11 will be put on hold prematurely. In the course of the year fans can look forward to a prominent returnee. Erdoğan Atalay and the highway police of Alarm for Cobra 11 get a broadcast break in January 2020. Over the next year, the series is to return with a new line-up to their old slot on Thursday night. Until the time comes, the RTL executives are making a prominent replacement, so fans do not have to be sad. A new press release has now announced that as many as three series will be playing the placeholder from January 2, 2020.
Especially the prime time slot at 20:15 will be filled with famous alternatives. For example, the teacher returns to the station with brand new episodes. Actor Hendrik Duryn is in the 8th season as usual as Stefan Vollmer at the start. However, his colleague Karin Noske alias Jessica Ginkel will say goodbye to us. Instead, trainee Emma (Zsá Zsá Inci Bürkle), a former student of the famous educator, joins the team. Ten new episodes will be shown by March 2020 on Thursday evening on RTL.
At 9:15 pm on Thursday night, the sitcom secretaries – Survival 9-5 return to the screen. Also in Season 2 fly in the sunshine Toast AG the scraps, much to the misfortune of Chef Berger. After all, the audience should have a lot to laugh again. This may look forward to a series premiere at 21:45.
In sister, sister – Here you are right! Nurse Micki (Caroline Maria Frier) has to come to terms with incompetent colleagues and a tyrannical clinic boss. Until alarm For Cobra 11 fresh from the winter break returns, so RTL will provide with a richly filled program.

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