Art Basel in Miami: Artist Eats $ 120,000 Banana

Sunday, 08.12.2019
08:59 clock

Expensive snack, hungry artist: At the art fair Art Basel in Miami, a performance artist has eaten an exhibit worth 120,000 dollars (about 108,000 euros). David Datuna eats a banana sold as an installation in front of the perplexed visitors.


Datuna had unceremoniously grabbed the banana taped to the wall on Saturday. He then quietly consumed them, as a video on the Instagram side of the American shows.

He commented on his "Hungry Artist" performance titled, "I love Maurizio Cattelan's art, and I really love this installation. It's delicious."

  The artwork "Comedian" had already been sold to a French collector for 120,000 euros before the incident. The gallery responsible for the exhibition Perrotin responded calmly: "He has not destroyed the artwork," said a spokesman, according to the newspaper "Miami Herald".

The buyers would have just acquired an authenticity certificate and the rights to the idea. The banana itself is interchangeable.


Eva Marie Uzcategui / REUTERS
"Thank you, very well," said David Datuna, as he had consumed the banana

  A visitor to Art Basel apparently saw a similar situation: he handed the hurrying gallery owner Emmanuel Perrotin loud "Miami Herald" without further ado a banana that draped Perrotin instead of the original fruit on the wall – also with adhesive tape.


For Maurizio Cattelan it is not the first time that one of his artworks has been lost. The Italian artist's best-known work to date has been the "America," an 18-karat gold sculpture in the form of a lavatory he loaned to US President Donald Trump.

The fully functional WC, valued at more than $ 5 million, hit the headlines again in September when it was stolen from Blenheim Palace in the UK, Winston Churchill's birthplace.

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