Augsburg: Fireman killed – four more suspects arrested

Sunday, 08.12.2019
19:09 clock

The police arrested four other suspects following the fatal attack by young men on a pedestrian in Augsburg. According to the investigators, they have now apprehended six people who are supposed to be in contact with the violent death of a firefighter.


Among other video footage had led to the suspects. According to witnesses, seven young men have fled the scene after the crime in the city center. Earlier in the day, two 17-year-olds had been arrested, including the suspected culprit and a suspected accomplice, in the case of the spectacular killing crime. The young people are known to the police, they are to be presented to the magistrate on Monday.

The captured men are strongly suspected of being involved in the deadly attack on a 49-year-old on Friday night. The firefighter was on his way home from the Christkindlesmarkt with his wife and a friendly couple in Augsburg city center when the couples joined the group. For still unclear reasons it came then to the dispute.

Video surveillance provided hints

  To date, it is only known that the suspected main culprit, who, according to the police in addition to the German still has more nationalities, the victim against the head beat. What is alleged to the alleged accomplice, who according to the investigators has a southern European citizenship, is so far unclear.

After the strike, the man fell and remained lying on the ground. Even the 50-year-old companion was beaten and injured in the face. The women were not attacked. Emergency doctors tried to revive the man, but he died in the ambulance.

  There is sadness and horror in the city after the deadly attack. More than a hundred firefighters commemorated the murder of their killed colleague. The members of the professional fire brigade met at the crime scene, the central Königsplatz, for a silent commemoration. Candles were lit and flowers laid down.


According to the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, CCTV had provided the crucial clues to the suspects. The records of the cameras at Augsburg Königsplatz were evaluated overnight. A 20-member investigation team is involved in the investigation of the case.

  On Monday, the police want to inform the public about further findings.

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