Bad Banks: Season 2 has a start date on TV and on Blu-Ray

 A further six episodes will tell the story of the young broker Jana Liekam (Paula Beer) and the Frankfurt financial community. Six months after the financial crisis that ended the first season, the financial world is reinventing itself. However, stricter conditions are making the business of the merged DEUTSCHE GLOBAL INVEST extremely tedious. The longed-for promotion to the board of directors is a long way off for new investment boss Christelle Leblanc (Désirée Nosbusch). In order to master the huge challenge of digitization, GLOBAL is building an incubator in Berlin, a "breeding ground" for young fintechs, who are to be raised and brought to the market with the bank's investment.
Jana is to take over the management of a FinTech, which relies on sustainable financial products. But secretly she sets her own agenda – after all, she still has a bill with Leblanc open. The dazzling, turbulent capital is at the same time Jana Chance and challenge at the same time, not least because an old friend re-enters their lives, the charismatic Gabriël Fenger (Barry Atsma) …
Cast: Paula Beer, Barry Atsma, Désirée Nosbusch, Tobias Moretti, May Duong Kieu, Albrecht Schuch, Marc Limpach, Germain Wagner, Jean-Marc Barr. New in the ensemble are u.a. Noah Saavedra, Trystan Pütter and Tedros Teclebrhan
Dates of the TV broadcast: February 6th on Arte, from February 8, 2020 on ZDF
Home entertainment launch: DVD / Blu-ray on February 6, 2020

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