Bayern, BVB and Co. vs. Werder Bremen: "Can not be Solidary"

After the crashing defeat in the vote on a solidarity fund in professional football Werder Bremen's leadership switched immediately in the attack mode, while the bosses of FC Bayern and BVB their Refusal declared. The clear dissipation of the first and second division for the proposed at the General Assembly of the German Football League Werder proposal to distribute the participation in the cost of police operations in high-risk games on all shoulders, spurred the fighting spirit of Bremen only more.

"In order to represent the interests of Werder, we will probably have no choice but to take legal action, we would have liked to avoid this situation, but we must do everything we can to ensure that the damage which the state of Bremen puts on us is so slight As possible, "said Klaus Filbry, Werders Chairman of the Board, in a club statement. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, CEO of FC Bayern Munich, criticized the league rivals for this plan. "I do not understand that SV Werder Bremen now even wants to sue the German Football League, and in the 19-year history of the DFL, since its foundation in 2000, this step is an absolute novelty," said Rummenigge. dpa "demand. "The idea of ​​solidarity has always been a strength of all members of the DFL, which Werder Bremen should not question in this matter." But that is precisely the sticking point, the Bremen feel in the issue but left by the other clubs in the lurch. "We noticed today that there is no solidarity with Werder Bremen Werder stands in isolation there," said Bremen's President Hubertus Hess-Grunewald when leaving the posh conference hotel on the outskirts of Frankfurt.Rummenigge had previously grounded the rejection of the Bremen application: " We can not be in solidarity with Werder Bremen because it would be the very wrong sign that if we started a fund, it would be an open door and a must for all countries to ask for the Bundesliga, which we can not accept. " Werder-Boss contra RummeniggeWerder's Supervisory Board Chairman Marco Bode replied to the Bayern boss via his club's website: "Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and we obviously have a different view of what solidarity means, and it's not our idea, it's been established by all courts that Werder and the DFL are organizers. " It is quite possible from Bode's point of view that Werder got into this situation through no fault of one's own. Rummenigge received support from Borussia Dortmund's Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke: "There is no reason to subsidize the unilateral action of the Bremen government by the DFL the opinion that the country Bremen is on the wrong track. "Of the 34 clubs present – only the representatives of the second division Hannover 96 and VfL Osnabrück lacked at the approximately two-hour meeting in Neu-Isenburg – 32 voted against the request of Bremen. RB Leipzig abstained. Thus, Werder remains fully on the costs invoiced by the State of Bremen in the amount of 1.17 million euros sitting. The bills, which were initially paid by the DFL, will now be forwarded to Werder. However, half of the total is deferred to the Bundesliga until the final legal clarification. The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig had decided in March that the federal states are allowed to charge the additional police costs for high-security games in principle to the DFL. The DFL wants to pull in the lawsuit in any case before the Federal Constitutional Court. When this happens, is open.Werder thinks about exclusion of guest fansBis it so far, also future fee notices must be borne by the club concerned alone. Werder is therefore considering, in high-risk games in the future no longer sell tickets to guests fans. "This is not a threat from us, we were already confronted in April by the Bremen police with this issue," said Hess-Grunewald. Had it then come in the semi-finals of the DFB Cup for the Northern Derby against Hamburger SV, the Bremer 1200 guests cards would not have been allowed to sell. At present, fee declarations are only charged by the Bremen Senate. In Rhineland-Palatinate and Hamburg, however, there are at least considerations for a similar regulation. "I think that if other clubs were affected, you would have to re-evaluate the situation again," said Werder President Hess-Grunewald. Rummenigge rejects the flat. "Basically, we have no understanding of being involved in the police costs, we're all paying a hell of a lot of taxes, and I have three-million-dollar amounts in the back of my mind that Bayern München delivers." We agree with the Home Secretary that this will not happen in Bavaria Case will happen. "Hesse also rejects the Bremen model. "The state has the sole monopoly of force and must fulfill this task, which ensures security and order, even at football matches," affirmed Interior Minister Peter Beuth. The DFL decision prevents "the joint liability even of respectable clubs for wrong decisions of the Bremen politics".

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