Black Christmas FSK: Age Approval to the Horror Christmas Movie

 1974 appeared with Black Christmas a pioneer of the Slasher genre. The film, in which a group of college students stay in their dorm over the Christmas holidays just to be slaughtered by a killer, quickly reached cult status. After 2006, a first remake of the Slasher movie already appeared, soon the second remake of the classic in the cinema. The trailer of Black Christmas promises exciting and scary scenes and a lot of action. In contrast to the original, the girls defend themselves neatly. The trailer suggests that the murderer comes from a male fraternity and follows the murders of a kind of ritual. But the young women do not want to put up with that and arm themselves for a fight. Who expects a pure Slasher horror movie will be disappointed. Nevertheless, the remake should be interesting, especially for fans of the original.
Now the FSK has awarded the German age rating for Black Christmas. Like the original and the first remake from 2006, Black Christmas will also be released from 2019, ages 16+. Cinemagoers can look forward to creepy and brutal Christmas.
Black Christmas starts on December 12, 2019 in German cinemas. The film was produced by Blumhouse Productions, the company of horror luminary Jason Blum, who was also responsible for the Halloween remake in 2018, among other things. Black Christmas was directed by director Sophia Takal and Imogen Poots will star in. Also Cary Elwes, known among others from the Saw series, plays in Black Christmas. The trailer for the new Slasher can now be found under this text in our player.

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