Bundeswehr: MAD exposes right-wing extremists at KSK

Sunday, 01.12.2019
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The Military Shielding Service (MAD) has uncovered at least two right-wing extremists in the elite Bundeswehr unit. As the "Bild am Sonntag" ("BamS") reported, a sergeant in the Feldwebellaufbahn is to be suspended in the coming week from the service of the Special Forces (KSK), because he was recognized as a convinced right-wing extremist.


The new scandal hits the Bundeswehr sensitive. Thus, the KSK is considered the most secret unit of the whole troupe, it specializes in hostage extermination abroad and operates completely shielded. The fact that in this unit of only 1000 elaborately selected soldiers are clearly right-wing extremist soldiers must be a clear warning sign for Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer that she must act.

The corporal is not the only soldier in the sights of a long-running MAD operation for right-wing extremism in the KSK. Two staff officers are also under suspicion. According to "BamS" they had shown at a private celebration of the sergeant the Hitler salute. One of them was therefore suspended a few weeks ago, the other applies to the MAD as a suspected case.

Right-wing extremists at the KSK? Unsurprisingly for insiders

  The Ministry of Defense confirmed to the newspaper on request that they wanted to suspend the sergeant – formally imposed a so-called service and uniform wearing ban against him. The soldier has many years of experience with the elite unit and has already been deployed in foreign missions such as Afghanistan. Whether his mind never noticed or even ignored, will now be determined.


The unmasking of right-wing extremists in the KSK does not come as a complete surprise to insiders. The MAD had already set up its own working group in the summer to examine the sworn community of the KSK and to reveal more and more new evidence of right-wing extremists or supporters of the prepper scene.

  MAD boss Christof Gramm had said in secret Bundestag briefings at that time that in his view there were "far too many" suspicions of right-wing activities at the KSK. For the MAD, the searches at the KSK in Calw, however, are more than difficult, the secret service does not even have a service in the barracks of the commando warriors.

Investigations against two dozen soldiers

  In September, the ministry had informed the Intelligence Control Board in an initial assessment, but the KSK has currently become the "focus of work" of the MAD. Almost warning it said in the secret report, the increasing number of suspicions make "further action needs clear."


In September, the MEPs then read in a Spiegel report that the MAD in the small unit against two dozen soldiers identified at the beginning of the year, the Bundeswehr intelligence conducted only half as many cases. For a small unit like the KSK, these were worrying numbers.

  The now unmasked NCO, the MAD had apparently already in his sights and observed his activities with intelligence services such as telephone monitoring and surveillance. However, when the "BamS" made inquiries to the Ministry, the action was canceled, now the soldier should be suspended immediately.


Pig's head long throw and right skirt

  There have been reports of plenty of strange activities at the KSK over the last few years. So comrades organized for a outgoing commander in April 2017, a more than tasteless farewell party. According to a witness, after a course run in which a pig-head long throw was on the program, right-skated. The commander has since been given a penal order.

  The MAD is under pressure not only because of this incident. For example, in February a highly respected officer of the elite unit was suspended in the Bundeswehr because he was recognized as a supporter of the far-right "Identitarian Movement" after MAD investigations.

  In retrospect, the dismissal of Lieutenant Colonel Daniel K. acted as a late measure, because in 2007 he had threatened a critical military union in writing and given an insight into his world view.


At that time K. scolded a critical soldier as an "enemy inside". The lines from the letter, which at that time was also available to his superiors, were no less than a death threat.

  "They are observed, no, not by impotent instrumentalized services, but by officers of a new generation who will act when time permits," wrote K. He signed the letter with the words, "Long live holy Germany."

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