Casual Solo Date: Duchess Kate Shops Christmas Trees

              Thursday, 05. December 2019

              As a new patron of a charity, Kate can look forward to a casual working day. Surrounded by small children and Christmas trees, the duchess sips hot chocolate and even chats a little bit out of the sewing box.
              A red down jacket, green pullover, skinny jeans and sturdy footwear – as casual as Duchess Kate looked on a Christmas tree farm in Buckinghamshire on Wednesday, one important detail could almost have been overlooked: the role of Prince William's 37-year-old wife is becoming increasingly important , The future Queen of the United Kingdom has a new official job. Kate is now the royal patron of Family Action, a charity founded in England in 1869, which supports needy families in many ways. A task previously held by Queen Elizabeth II, which she has now passed on to her successor, according to an official statement from the Kensington Palace. Kate also took part in some activities together with the children and their families present. On Twitter, the Royals released, among other things, a short video clip, which shows Kate, as she selects some Christmas trees. The accompanying tweet states: "It's time to look for the perfect trees for family action preschools before going back for hot chocolate." Speculation about Queen's abdication Kate chose the appropriate Christmas trees for the children present. (Photo: imago images / i Images) Further pictures and clips of the appointment clearly show how much fun Kate must have had. On many shots, she happily beams towards the camera. In addition to the Christmas tree search and the hot chocolate, there was much more to do. Among other things, the Duchess made Christmas decorations with those present and made environmentally friendly feed for reindeer. As the British Royal reporter Rebecca English told after the charity event on Twitter, Kate also chatted a little bit out of the box. A little boy waited for the Duchess, lifted his hand and shouted "I, I" loudly. The Duchess had then stroked his cheek and said: "You remind me of my little Louis, he always says 'me, me, me' – and he wants to go everywhere with me." Duchess Kate also revealed according to the US magazine "People", what kind of Christmas tree with her, Prince William, daughter Charlotte and her sons Louis and George, come to the house. Roger Brill, the owner of the farm, has said that Kate and the Royals usually opt for a Nordmann fir. According to her, the queen has been around for 67 years. Now the 93-year-old, however, seriously considering a resignation, speculated the British "Express" last week. She was "aware of her age," a senior ex-member of the royal court was quoted as saying. The regency and the related ministries and royal duties would then be transferred to her firstborn, the "eternal heir apparent" Prince Charles. The 71-year-old is followed by Prince William. He, too, is increasingly involved in decision-making, the Sunday Times wrote.

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