"Change sometimes good thing": Hamilton continues to fuel Ferrari rumors

              Friday, December 6, 2019

              Just now Lewis Hamilton crowned for the sixth time Formula 1 World Champion, now nourishes the Mercedes driver rumors about the most spectacular change in the recent history of the race series: Is the Briton from 2021 actually for Ferrari?
              World Champion Lewis Hamilton takes his time to decide on his Formula One future after his contract expires in late 2020. "I have not put much energy into it," said the Mercedes driver in Paris to reflect on his future career. His own future was not linked to that of the allegedly courted Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, Hamilton knew. "I have to do what is best for me," said the six-time champion. Change is "sometimes a good thing". But he has no secrets from team boss Wolff and feel very comfortable with Mercedes. "It's a powerful force," Hamilton said of the team that last won six times in a row the drivers and builders world championship. At the season finale in Abu Dhabi last week, the 34-year-old had already fueled speculation about a possible change to Ferrari for the 2021 season. Hamilton is said to have met twice this year with Ferrari CEO John Elkann. Elkann is considered a big fan of the British. Team bosses do not deny The team bosses are still relaxed around the Hamilton crowd. (Photo: imago images / Motorsport Images) Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto recently said it was "good to know that such an exceptional driver is on the market, but we will not think about 2021 until the summer of next year." Mercedes team boss Wolff had surprised on the sidelines of the season finale with the statement that he gave "the one chance of 25 percent" – and means a change. The probability of whereabouts Wolff, who himself does not yet have a contract for the season just ended, with "75 percent." And I call that number, because on a rational level, everything speaks in favor of continuing this relationship from both sides. At the same time, there is a 25 percent chance we can not control. " Statements that speak for change rather than against.

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