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 Step by step, we are approaching the end of the year. We can look forward to the festive Christmas season again soon. For many, the right film creates the desired atmosphere. Anyone who struggles with the selection, Netflix now helps. Here are the best Christmas highlights at the streaming provider that will get you in the mood. What could be better at Christmas than a fitting movie to get you in the mood? That's what Netflix thinks and started his festive selection on November 8th. Since then, Netflix is ​​preparing for the Christmas season with the teen comedy Days Like This. In it, a small town on Christmas Eve is being overrun by a blizzard. For a few students this has implications for friendship, love and the future. Among them is Sabrina Spellman actress Kiernan Shipka and Marvel star Jacob Batalon. The movie may well remind some of a more modern version of Actually … love.
Since November 15, Klaus has been offering a heartwarming animated film in Netflix's offer. The postman Jesper lives in it on an icy island north of the Arctic Circle. The locals like to stay out of the way and do not even write letters. Shortly before Jesper wants to give up, he unexpectedly gets support from teacher Alva and Zimmermann Klaus. Together they want to make Christmas on the island again for a magical festive season.
In The Knight Before Christmas, a medieval knight appears out of nowhere and falls in love with a high school teacher. The relationship of the two turns out to be much more difficult than initially thought. The young teacher is played by Hollywood star Vanessa Hudgens. As a baker and princess she was last seen in the romantic comedy princess exchange in a dual role. The streaming giant will continue the romantic comedy until 2020. But then really, because in the sequel, the actress even takes three roles. If you want to see more Christmas movie proposals for this year, check out our player now. Simply click to start the video.

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