Cinema Charts 2019: The best horror films of the past year

 The year is drawing to a close at the end. Hardly a better season is more suitable for horror films than a gloomy winter. Also this year there are many genre candidates that are really worth seeing. We present you the best horror shockers that 2019 had to offer. Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark brings Alvin Schwartz's short story collection of the same name back to life. On Halloween, a group of teenagers decide to explore a sinister haunted house. There you will find a mysterious book with horror stories that will soon become reality. The shocker strip by Guillermo del Toro tells a coming of age story and provides plenty of goose bumps with scary horror characters. The actors include Zoe Colletti, Michael Garza, Austin Abrams, Gabriel Rush, Austin Zajur and Natalie Ganzhorn.
Comedy star Jordan Peele made an impressive start to the horror genre with Get Out. The horror comedy was celebrated by critics and viewers alike. Now comes the replenishment with Wir and tells of a family who are being taken hostage by their evil twins. Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke and Elisabeth Moss slip into the figures. It will be interesting to see which project Jordan Peele will take on next.
Stanley Shubrick's The Shining went down in film history as an absolute horror classic. In it we follow the story of the little boy Danny Torrance, Overlook-Hotel, who experienced pure horror. In the new film Doctor Sleeps Awakening, adult Danny (Ewan McGregor) suffers from alcohol addiction. One day he meets a girl who shares her telepathic powers and is in great danger. Danny embarks on a mission that might be his last.
Doctor Sleeps Awakening is full of references to the cinematic predecessor and tells the story visually. Meanwhile, haunted Hill House maker Mike Flanagan is likely to be the first choice for Stephen King films. Here you can find the best horror films of the last year in our overview:


The horror doesn't take a break. The story of Danny Torrance continues, 40 years after his horrible stay at the Overlook Hotel in Shining. Here comes the trailer for the shocker. Doctor Sleeps awakening.


Now the four zombie killers are spreading their ingenious and strange chaos from the vastness of America to the White House. The third German trailer is here. Zombie Land 2: Double Holds Better.


HOME CINEMA horror cinema release: 26.09.2019 trailer

Ready Or Not accompanies a young bride who is introduced to the rich, eccentric family of her newly married husband through a time-honored tradition. Ready or not.


Some of the best horror writers have teamed up to instigate a new horror clown, the devil, a witch, and a gruesome ghoul on Halloween. The trailer for Halloween Haunt.


TRAILER: A theme park is overrun by zombies. Now only one thing counts for Dave and Miss Caroline: They must save the children from the undead under all circumstances and bring their protégés to safety. Little monsters.


HOME CINEMA horror cinema release: 05.09.2019 trailer

After 27 years, the characters from Part 1 return to their home town of Derry, because Pennywise is back and cruel than ever! Check out the final trailer for the horror sequel Es 2 – Kapitel 2.


When a violent storm hits the Florida coast, the water masses bring with them dangerous enemies that people did not expect. See the trailer for the horror crawl crawl.


No other shocker is likely to be expected as hot this year as WE, the new film by Jordan Peele. And rightly so, because the first trailer chases you down a spine. We.


The mysterious Nora tells the police psychologist Dr. Rossini from her old friend, who discovered the rebellious potential of devil incantations at a monastery school. See the trailer for the German cinema horror film Luz.


Inspired by one of the most terrifying series of children's books ever, the film follows a group of young teenagers who have to solve the mystery of sudden and macabre deaths in their small town. Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark.


HOME CINEMA horror cinema release: 26.09.2019 trailer

Although their relationship is in crisis, Dani joins her friend Christian on a summer trip to a small town in Sweden. Instead of idyll there is a horror trip that has washed itself. The trailer for Midsommar.


HOME CINEMA horror cinema release: 02.05.2019 trailer

A huge hole in the forest floor brings the most terrifying horror film of the past few weeks. Are there changers that steal small children? The trailer for The Hole In The Ground.


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