Consequence of the 737 Max debacle: Boeing chief Muilenburg resigns

              Monday, December 23, 2019

              The US aircraft manufacturer Boeing is struggling with the consequences of the two crashes of two 737 Max aircraft and the continuing flight bans. CEO Muilenburg is unable to lead the group out of the crisis. Now he has to vacate his post.
              Boeing CEO Dennis A. Muilenburg resigned from his office with immediate effect. The US aircraft manufacturer announced. He is to be succeeded by David L. Calhoun, who is currently the head of the board. He will take over the business on January 13th. Former CFO Greg Smith will serve as interim CEO. Boeing 328.00 The supervisory board decided to change personnel in order to regain confidence in the company. The US group is currently in a severe crisis. The background to this is the crash of two Boeing 737 Max aircraft with hundreds of deaths and the flight bans that have been imposed since then. These cost the company and its customers billions of dollars. Boeing recently announced that it would stop producing the 737 Max in January. The group is suspected of rushing the accident-hunters onto the market and neglecting safety. Boeing rejects this, but has admitted various mistakes and glitches. At the center of the crisis is the MCAS control program developed for the 737 Max, which according to test reports has played a decisive role in the crashes. After the accident in Indonesia, Boeing had already promised to fix the MCAS problems with a software update. A little later there was a crash in Ethiopia. The update still has no FAA approval.

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