DHB team lose thriller against Serbia

The German handball women have suffered a setback in the second World Cup main round game.The team of coach Henk Groener defeated the EM-Eleventh Serbia on Monday 28:29 (17:19 ), despite their second defeat in the tournament but continue to hope for the semi-final draw and a ticket for a qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo.

"That's totally disappointing, we did not find the cover well for over 60 minutes," said Circuit runner Julia Behnke. Also Groener recognized in the first half large deficits in the cover game of his team and spoke of a "bitter" defeat. "If you are not smart enough, you will not get any points here at the end", said the Dutchman.Shenia Minevskaja and Amelie Berger were in the converted Aqua Dome in Kumamoto with six goals each, the best throwers of the DHB selection, on Sunday with the 25:23 against the Netherlands had made a perfect start to the second tournament phase. The duel with European record champion Norway closes the main round on Wednesday (12:30 pm). To compete in a qualifying tournament for Tokyo 2020, Germany must achieve a place among the top seven teams in the tournament in Japan. With 5: 3 points, Germany leads the main round group I, but in the course of the day still from the Netherlands and Norway (both 4: 2 points) to be overtaken. The German team did not tie against Serbia at first his strong defensive performance in recent games on. The cover was just vulnerable to the circle play of the opponent, also caught neither Dinah Eckerle and Deputy Isabell Roch in the German goal a good first half. That changed after the break, as not only Eckerle came into play better. The DHB women came to success especially in the case of rapid counterattacks and outside positions. A seven-meter short before the end decided the game in favor of the Serbinnen.Deutschland – Serbia 28:29 (17:19). – Goals: Minevskaya (6/4), Berger (6), Behnke (5), Naidzinavicius (3/1), Lauenroth (3), Stolle (2), Bölk (2), Weigel (1) for Germany – Cvijic (7), Lavko (5/1), Pop-Lazic (4), Nikolic (3), Stoiljkovic (3), Trifunovic (2), Liscevic (2/1), Radosavljevic (1), Rapojevic (1), Obradovic (1) for Serbia. – Spectators: 5090

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