Dietmar Hamann doesn't believe in the championship of "fragile" FC Bayern

Before the Saturday games of the 15th day of the Bundesliga, "Sky" collected the best votes from coaches, managers and TV experts: Hansi Flick (Bayern Munich coach) …

… about the lineup: "We didn't think too much. The fewer players you have, the less consideration is necessary. We have three games in front of us, we've had a lot of games in the past few weeks." … to Leon Goretzka: "Leon is important in midfield with his deep runs, but also on the defensive because he is a ball conqueror. We need that today because we have an opponent who wants to play football himself." … to the youth players: " It is not fair to emphasize someone. All four make a good impression, but it is definitely the case that they are showing an improvement. It is also important for the club that it brings back young talent and that we young players Giving opportunities to improve and develop here. "… to Werder:" Florian is a very good coach. I admire the calmness with which he does this. The club is well positioned, has a good and clear philosophy a boy Trainer who is modern, who also plays many systems, who is brave. We have to see that we play through our game. It is important for us that we create chances and score goals. "Florian Kohfeldt (SV Werder Bremen coach) …… on Bayern's weaknesses:" There are a few, but not many. The last two games were awesome that they didn't win. For me that was the best football a German team played this year. You have to be brave in pressing, but above all you have to actively defend. If you wait for their mistakes, you are lost. "… about the current situation:" I told the boys that at first glance it is not the best time to go to Munich, but there is also a chance it. If we win here today, then a lot is emotionally good for the fans. We have already come here to win. Cross-comparisons to Hoffenheim cannot be drawn because both have a different plan to play football. "… to the pressure from the negative series:" I had two relegation battles in the 3rd division, last year was an exception. I don't want to discuss that away, it's a situation that bothers you and doesn't let go on days off. But I also told the boys that it shouldn't be difficult. It's still nice to go here. The joy must not be lost. We have to play our game, then success will return. "Sebastian Kehl (head of the licensing players department Borussia Dortmund) …… to Roman Bürki:" He was able to prove how strong he is on Tuesday. He kept us in the game with outstanding saves and brought us into the round of 16. He has had phases when he was injured, but he is our number one. Being celebrated with us in this way and also taking the laurels with him will give him strength. "… to Julian Brandt:" Due to the system change, Julian is now a little bit lower, I believe that he feels much more comfortable in this role. He is much more in the center, much more in the game, has a lot more ball contacts. He can push forward, there are many good footballers around him. It is part of our upswing. "… on the system changeover:" That was very good for us. Before the Hertha game, we sat down and discussed a lot. We believe that this formation gives us more stability, with three people in defense, but also more options on the outside positions and in the storm. "… about the game in Mainz:" I expect that we will take the game from Tuesday, but let us not be blinded by the euphoria. We always left points outside. We are challenged today and have to show that we are a top team. "Christian Streich (SC Freiburg coach) …… to Jonathan Schmid:" He played many Bundesliga games with us and when he was gone. Then of course you notice that you get experience in your positions, he plays a lot of positions. You just notice that he is calm on the ball and knows the situations. "… on the line-up and the return of Vincenzo Grifo to the squad:" Roland Sallai and the three in front did it well, but it is good, that Grifo is there again and we can bring him. "… on away strength:" In Paderborn we were lucky, in Hoffenheim we were also very efficient. It also went a bit for us. We didn't lose any players in the summer, it's also a bit of a development, a bit of luck, the performance was good. This is how you collect points. "Jürgen Klinsmann (Hertha BSC coach) …… about Vedad Ibisevic:" We have had two and a half weeks with the team, get to know each other better, know more. It was difficult at the beginning, of course, against Dortmund, then a battle in Frankfurt. Vedad is a fox, we need balls in the box. We have two outsiders who are strong, it's a more offensive variant, but we need three points here. "… about the game:" You have to accept the duel strength of Freiburg. The fights for each other are very well organized and can switch between different formations. We have to keep up with the pace, go with the fight. We have the individual players who can hurt them today and hope for the three points. "Horst Heldt (Managing Director Sport 1. FC Köln) …… about the standard goals:" There are often different ideas and systems, one speaks often with defenders and the goalkeepers. It is a responsibility that every single player must have to defend the goal by all means. Everyone has to make sure that they do their job. "… to change, to let the team stay at the hotel before home games:" We looked at the procedure. It's not about changing things just because of the thing. And if we have a home game at 3:30 p.m., it makes sense to bring the team to the hotel. We have a lot of young players, so it could be that the process at home could be different than you imagine. That is why we are a friend of our saying that we go to the hotel for a home game. "… to debutant Jan Thielmann:" He is a young player who is thrown into the cold water. But it's about the performance principle, but he has trained intensively and well, so now he gets the chance. In such a situation it may be that a young player does not worry like a player who has been dealing with the situation for a long time. "Sky expert Dietmar Hamann …… on the championship opportunity of Bayern:" At the moment speaks more against it. You played well twice, against Leverkusen and Gladbach, but you didn't win. And if you play well and don't win, that's not a good sign. You currently have six teams between you and the top of the table. Everything is still somewhat fragile at Bayern at the moment. If they went into the winter break like this, it would be difficult for them to become champions. "… about the situation near Bremen:" It is the first time that Kohfeldt is under pressure. I think the philosophy he stuck to when they got out of the basement last year gives him a lot of confidence. Avoiding the relegation battle is right, but it can change over the next seven days. At some point you have to start scoring. "… to the striker Leipzig striker Erling Haaland:" Dortmund is the club for him. The Dortmunders need him much more urgently and I believe that he would have a much better standing in Dortmund than in Leipzig. "… to Augsburg's Florian Niederlechner:" It is the best Niederlechner because it is the healthiest. He broke his kneecap last season in Freiburg and was absent for many months. He is fit at the moment and shows how important he is to Augsburg. Augsburg and Niederlechner is one of the stories for me, if not the story of the preliminary round. "… to Timo Horn:" He was one of the greatest goalkeeper talents in Germany and did not develop as many expected. It is also a position that Horst Heldt has to look at in winter. You need a goalkeeper you can rely on, and Timo Horn hasn't always been in the past few weeks. "

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