Disney Day on Sat1 New Year with these blockbusters

 Fans of Disney animated and animated films pay attention! 2020 launches especially well for those who enjoy watching Disney movies. New Year is on Sat.1 Disney Day. The crowning conclusion is then a German free-TV premiere.Disney is now a true movie giant. From the classic animated films like Mickey Mouse or the numerous fairy tale films about Pixar productions to the newer achievements like Star Wars or Marvel. Children and friends of the classics, in particular, still enjoy the most of the studio's animated cartoons. Micky Maus, Aladdin and Co regularly return to nostalgic travel. Also, 2020 will be a good year for friends of Disney movies. Right on the New Year, Sat.1 brings various Disney classics to your home. The station's Disney Day falls on 1 January 2020.
The program of the Disney Days is extensive. It starts at 7:45. In addition to many very successful classics, various short films from Disney are also shown in between. It all starts with Micky Mouse – Spring Against Winter at a quarter to eight. At 7:50, the first film of the day begins with Wall-E – The Last Clean Up the Earth, which is expected to entertain especially children at a very early hour. Wall-E is followed by another short film, after which Toy Story 3 launches at 9:45. At 11:50, Aladdin is playing a cartoon.
After that, one movie after the other runs until the end of the day at primetime a German free-TV premiere is broadcast. At 8:15 pm, Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson will be shown on German television for the first time. For a list of movies to watch on Sat.1 Disney Day, see below.

List of New Year's Movies on Sat.1: 07: 45 am: Mickey Mouse – Spring vs. Winter
07:50 clock: Wall-E – The last one cleans up the earth
09:40 am: Pixar's Bao
09:45 clock: Toy Story 3
11:45 am: Pixar's Lou
11:50 am: Aladdin
13:40 clock: Suddenly princess
15:55: Zoomania
17:50 clock: The Frozen – Totally blatant
19:45: The Frozen: party fever
20:15: The beauty and the beast

Source: Press Portal

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