Does Leipzig's goal monster Timo Werner also devour BVB?

Timo Werner currently amazes in the Bundesliga with world-class performances. The striker from RB Leipzig even outshines Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern Munich with his values. On Tuesday evening he wants to go ahead with BVB on the way to the first autumn championship in the club's history and finally break his curse against the black and yellow team Confirm the offensive rate of almost three goals per game. There are 42 league goals after 15 games. RB has never been in the upper house of the ball in such high spirits as under head coach Julian Nagelsmann, who inoculated his team with just the right mix of clever combination game, fast-paced switchover football and offensive free spirit.

This is symbolized by Timo Werner, by far the most successful striker in the club's three and a half year history. The German international currently dominates not only as an ice-cold executor with fabulous 16 goals in 15 season games. Werner acts in a team-friendly manner and sometimes unselfishly. Together with his five goal preparations, the most valuable player in the Leipzig squad (estimated market value 65 to 70 million euros) scored 21 scorer points. Werner directly involved in every second RB goal Werner is directly involved in every second goal in Leipzig, which is an outstanding value at this level of the best offensive series in the Bundesliga. The striker himself has recognized why it has so far been so excellent under new coach Julian Nagelsmann works: "I sometimes act on ten. That helps me a lot, I have a lot of freedom," he said before the recent gala performances against Hoffenheim and Düsseldorf. Werner has become more relaxed. More relaxed in dealing with the huge interest in his person and more relaxed in dealing with the many pressure situations and the responsibility that weighs on his center forward in the competitive games in Leipzig: "I have developed there, do not worry too much about whether I will score. I go onto the pitch, knock everything out and hope that in the end there will be a goal that will ideally contribute to the victory, "said Werner. Last ten goals in six games – not even Lewandowski manages with this ease and basic trust of his head coach, the native of Stuttgart has become the strongest striker in the Bundesliga at the moment. Better than Dortmund's attacking stars around captain Marco Reus, Julian Brandt or Paco Alcácer, who are waiting for Leipzig's primitive league this evening, and even better than Robert Lewandowski. Bavaria's number 9 is currently considered the best center forward in the world. In late autumn and winter 2019, however, Timo Werner no longer needs to hide behind the FC Bayern superstar. Ten goals in the last six league games, plus five assists: The goal monster Werner has devoured the opponents almost single-handed in the past few weeks and has buttoned himself up for BVB this evening. The strength of the 203-time Bundesliga player – record! No player in Werner's age has made so many appearances – not only is it clear when looking at his goal rate, but Lewandowski overshadows almost all striking offensive statistics: He has scored more goals in the past few weeks, brings more Passes to the man (75.2 percent to 71.5 percent), prepares more shots on goal by colleagues (25 to 12) and loses fewer balls than the Pole (33 ball losses to 44) .The Leipziger is more successful in dribbling (62 , 5 percent to 57.1 percent), has an average of more ball contacts per game (just under 44 to just under 39) and, with a top speed of 35 km / h, is as usual one of the fastest players in the entire Bundesliga The strength of the RB asset item and its importance for the Nagelsmann team prove that Werner's catastrophe record against BVB: Nine games – zero goals "Werner always plays!" This creed has been valid for six years. Since then, the 1.80 m man has been on the pitch for his clubs VfB Stuttgart and RB Leipzig in at least 30 season games, and Werner has also played nine times against the upcoming opponent Borussia Dortmund. Particularly curious: BVB is the only club in the Bundesliga that goal monster Werner has not yet snapped. In the tenth attempt it should finally work against the Westphalians, who recently fueled new self-confidence with highly superior zero-victories against Mainz and Düsseldorf, especially in the defensive line. In the "ZDF Sports Studio" Werner made it clear last Saturday that his long dry spell against the black and yellow on Tuesday evening. At the same time he emphasized the importance of the penultimate round game: "It will be an exciting game. Not only for us as teams, but also for the spectators. It is about a lot. I think since we then we set the course for the rest of the season. It's the so-called six-point game for us. "Mats-Yannick Roth

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