Downton Abbey 2: New movie will come

 The first feature film on Downton Abbey has proven that jumping from screen to screen is really worthwhile. With its massive success at the box office, the strip has paid off with the makers. Now we are thinking about a possible sequel and the chances are good. However, the sequel should wait a while yet. Four years after the end of the British hit series Downton Abbey we returned in 2019 back to the legendary estate. But this time it went in the cinema in the next round. The royal visit was announced and makes life difficult for the Earl of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) and his wife Cora (Elizabeth McGovern). As the couple has not had as many employees as before, receiving them will be a real challenge.
Ultimately, all the excitement but in vain: For the royal couple brings the in-house staff with you. The hosts do not even know how they happen. And then there's cousin Lady Bagshaw (Imelda Staunton), who causes a lot of trouble with the Dowager Countess of Graham (Maggie Smith).
$ 185 million was the new movie worldwide. With relatively low production costs of less than 20 million Dolars, this is a mature achievement. Producer Gareth Neame is now looking toward the future and a possible sequel: "We all had fun, the actors enjoyed it – so hopefully we'll find a way to refill it." But fans will have to wait a while before that happens. But there is also a good reason for that.
Neame and Downton Abbey-maker Julian Fellowes would both be on board again, but first they have to do with The Gilded Age. It is a new series that focuses on the beautiful and wealthy in New York at the end of the 19th century. Fellowes is revising the script of his new project while filming is scheduled to begin next March. The work on a second Downton Abbey movie suffers but not necessarily. At least when it comes to Neame: "I like the idea of ​​two shifts.
The TV work can be done during the day and the Downton script written in the evening, "reports the producer. So, it seems that Downton Abbey 2 is more likely to ask when, when, if, etc. We'll keep you up to date on the latest developments on the sequel.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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