Dynasty Knee: 100 years National Circus

 Love, passion and discipline: For several generations, the Knie family celebrates success with their circus program. The two-part documentary drama "The Knights' Dynasty – 100 Years National Circus" by Greg Zglinski tells the story of the Circus Knie from 1919 to 2019. Behind the circus facade, moving and dramatic stories come to light. 3sat shows the two parts of the Swiss production on Wednesday, 18 December 2019, at 20:15 and 21:55 in German premiere.
There were four brothers who prevailed against the mother's will and bought a tent on a pump. In 1919, the tent was in Bern for the first time and established the start of the Swiss National Circus Knie. In the 100-year history of their circus, the knees celebrate successes, overcome internal family conflicts, defy the struggle for survival and financial problems. Part One of "Dynasty Knee – 100 Years National Circus" moves through the founding years of Circus Knie and shows the hard years during World War II. Part two accompanies the Circus Knie on a tour through Switzerland and tells how the family lives together with the artists in a very small space.
The documentary drama "Knee Dynasty – 100 Years National Circus" consists of archive material, fictional scenes and voices of contemporary witnesses and a documentary accompaniment of the protagonists. The fictional part focuses on the figure of Margrit Knie-Lippuner. Their life history reflects important challenges that are repeated in later generations of the knee to the present day. The role of Margrit Knie-Lippuner plays Mona Petri. Other roles include Simon Käser, Ilja Baumeier, Samuel Weiss, Anna Schinz, Elisa Pless and Esther Gemsch. Directed by Greg Zglinski, who won the Swiss Film Prize for "Tout un hiver sans feu". The script of the fictional part on "Dynasty Knees – 100 Years National Circus" is by Domenico Blass.

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