EU countries agree on climate target for 2050 – without Poland

Friday, 13.12.2019
01:41 clock

The talks continued into the night. Only now could an agreement be announced, albeit with restrictions. The EU states agreed on a compromise on the climate protection target for 2050 on the night of Friday. This was announced by EU Council President Charles Michel on Twitter. "Agreement on climate neutrality until 2050", Michel wrote. The summit reached a deal on this important goal.


However, Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Poland has not yet been able to commit itself to implementing the goal. The decision will be made in the summer of 2020. Nevertheless, the Chancellor was quite satisfied – "in the circumstances," as she said. "There is no division of Europe into different parts, but there is one Member State that needs some more time."

Poland itself does not want to be pressured by the goal of climate neutrality. "We will achieve it at our own pace," said the Polish EU Representation on the night of Friday after the EU summit, citing Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Poland derives most of its energy from coal

  This was preceded by difficult discussions. The Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland had voiced concerns about the goal of climate neutrality until 2050. This means that by then all greenhouse gases must be avoided or stored.

However, all three countries are dependent on the little climate-friendly coal. Poland, for example, gets 77 percent of its electricity from coal. The countries insisted on clear pledges for financial assistance before the summit, because rebuilding their energy supply is particularly expensive for them.

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